Hobbs Handbag

Time to change..?

When Lil’F was born hubby treated me to a beautiful and long wished for and hinted at Champagne colored changing bag. I love this bag, it is large and has about 5 outer storage pockets and 6 inside. It also has matching change mat, bottle holder and little waterproof pouch that clips inside. Unfortunately I think I may have loved it too much!

The lovely inside lining is getting a little frayed and Champagne was never the most practical choice of color for a mother of four. It now looks scuffed, stained, splashed and is just a little bit sticky. Yes I knew this when I bought it but a changing bag is practical enough without having to choose a practical color too, right?

It’s the change bag bit that I think I can now do away with; Lil’F is still in nappies but a large bag that I can stuff a couple of spares and some wipes in is sufficient now. I no longer need the matching changing mat and bottle holder; I do still want extra pockets and bags because I think they’re great and do try to organise my handbag with items sorted together so I can easily find what I’m looking for.

So the search for a suitable replacement begins and I assure you this is no easy task when you need to fit in junk very important possessions for for small people and yourself. Large is first on the list, followed by durability, ability to separate my belongings from the children’s. Hmmm, color? Practicality still ends here, I love purple, creams and browns I should probably go for something dark that conceals the scuffs a little.

I think I’ve found a handbag at Hobbs which ticks all the boxes…

I know, it’s almost exactly the same color as the last one, I love it. It’s high quality has timeless style and appeal so is an absolute bargain once you divide the price by use. This is the one of the few equations I can manage and have to frequently re-teach my husband. Time to go and get that squared paper back out and state my case I feel.

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