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It’s hard to approach this post without briefly stating my own view on childhood vaccinations…

Each of my children has been fully immunised but not without question because as a parent I believe that every decision we make for our children should be done using all the information available to us. It feels as though for each child I’ve had there’s been another vaccine added to the programme and more information to consider. For each injection, each time in the waiting room I’ve felt sick at the possibility that my child may be that 1 in thousands that reacts badly. Whilst I should be looking at the needle injected into my child’s body as protection, I’ve feared it as a poison.

With the younger two I was even more wary, C suffered recurring bouts of bronchiolitis and both were very low birthweight. They were so tiny, so delicate and the idea of adding anything to their bodies that may harm them was terrifying, which is when I came across this in the Irish Health Service’s (HSE) Immunisation Information Leaflet…

HSE Immu1HSE Immu2

HSE Immu3

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This opened my eyes to the risks of vaccines compared to the risks of the illnesses, it made the decision to immunise no-brainer for me!

I could ramble on and on about this issue but it’s not what the post is about. Did you see…

1 in 10 people who get Tetanus will die.

Over the past 7 years the Pampers UNICEF campaign has helped eliminate Maternal and Newborn Tetanus in 10 countries and if you’ve ever bought a pack of Pampers marked “1 pack = 1 vaccine” you’ve played a part in this.

Each mother and child needs 3 injections to be completely protected. The normal sized Pampers packs contain 25 nappies and each child will wear around 4000 up to potty training. My bad maths tells me that if you only bought the special packs of Pampers nappies you could have protected around 50 mothers and babies and therefore saved the life of 5!! Together we’ve helped Pampers donate 300 million tetanus vaccines.

How amazing is that!?

As we sat having afternoon tea in a beautiful hotel together with Emma Bunton, the lovely Ambassador for the Pampers UNICEF campaign I must admit to having a dreadful feeling of guilt at our wealth and advantage. Pampers UNICEF provides us with a wonderful opportunity; Emma said something along the lines of…

“You don’t have to do anything special, you just buy your nappies as you usually would.”

There are still mothers and babies in 30 of the world’s poorest countries at risk from this fatal and preventable disease and Pampers and UNICEF want to reach them all.

Sometimes it feels so hopeless and difficult to help make positive change but this is so easy. UNICEF deliver and administer the vaccines directly bypassing possibly corrupt governments and ensuring no child is left behind. As parents we can put our advantage to good use, spread the word and share!

Pampers are also donating an additional vaccine for each view and each share of their video.

This is Sibu’s story, she is 7 like Madam and her favourite subject is general knowledge which I suspect from all the game shows she watches is one of Madam’s too…

It’s easy for us we can get together, view, share and support this and help to give other parent’s the protection for their babies that we take for granted!