special party

A very Special Party…

Actually it was one of those days where it is a very disorganised party and it’s probably just incredibly lucky that Mr Tumble is so popular his presence makes a party an immediate success.

So as a tip for a pre-schoolers party, if you’re rushed for time and find yourself chucking together an event between school runs even when you had weeks to prepare – choose an incredibly popular them and you can’t go wrong.

Something Special is an easy choice as everything’s spotty so armed with bags of mini-smarties and jelly tots you can easily make any dessert themed. Spotty Delight (Angel delight), Spotty Buns, Mr Tumble’s very special cocktail sausages and mini pizzas and so on.

Special Party

Having Something Special themed toys kept the children happy and content almost without the need for games. We were sent the toys for this purpose Mr Tumble Felts, Puzzle, Colouring Pages, Dolls and magazines and I realised that utilising any themed toys you already own and buying a few new ones would be a very cost effective entertainment option for small children’s parties. We kept games very simple as all the guests were 3 or under…

  • Pin the nose on Mr Tumble: the children loved this and it is so easy to set up with spotty stickers, posters and a scouts neckerchief. At first some were wary at having their eyes covered but once they learnt how it worked they were eager to go over again.
  • Themed music gave a perfect background for some simple dancing and action games.
  • The concept of guessing what was in Mr Tumble’s Spotty Bag by showing a tray of items and hiding one seemed a little confusing to most my mini guests although it didn’t stop them watching and enthusiastically giving it a go.
  • Finally Pass the Parcel, an old and firm favourite that never disappoints although I did have to carefully let Madam in on the secret of allowing everyone a chance to win when she insisted on operating the music.

Special Party

Even though my cream cake quite literally melted and Fifi knocked the cupcakes on the floor making them squashy as well as spotty the toddler’s had a very special afternoon. I needn’t have fussed because for this age simple is often best; balloons, a few games of the bumps, and a party bag with squashy bun for the journey home!

~ We were sent a range of Something Special Goodies to be a Twitter Party Host ~