Zelf's Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon

The Zelf’s Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon…

Not so long ago we reviewed these lovely new Zelf dolls which come in a variety of themes, colours and sizes with 36 to collect altogether. The Zelfs live in the enchanted garden full of surprises called Zardania. They dwell in different fabitats tucked all over the garden, in the trees, mounds of rocks and even dark corners. They attend Zardania’s School of Rock Garden and natter in the Witchbrew Bistro. Love your Zelf and they’ll share their special powers. Each Zelf is completely different and individual except for one thing….

They all have amazing long hair to tame, brush, style, braid and weave so what could be a more useful accessory for your Zelf dolls than The Venus Fly Trap Salon.

Zelf Venus Salon

The Zelf’s hair is incredibly soft yet made of a material that quite easily holds a twist or braid. The Salon is quite simple to use; sit your Zelf on the spinning chair and then clip the strands of hair as required into the venus fly trap and press the button to twist the Zelf in the chair, spinning her hair into a stylish new look. The set includes a mirror and hair clips, extensions and other accessories and comes with ‘Tressa’ the Venus Fly Trap Zelf. The salon is well designed containing space to store your combs and hair accessories it closes up for storage into a plant pot both sweet and sensible.

The idea is simple and uncomplicated and although the salon doesn’t do anything more than twist the hair and turn into a storage place for Zelfs and their accessories, Madam was thrilled with it and I don’t feel a toy needs to do 100 things to impress. We love the Zelf’s range and have already got a little collection of the dolls, I would be happy to pay ¬£19.99 for this toy as a gift and think it’s a lovely addition to the range.

~ We were sent the Salon to review, all thoughts and opinions are our own. ~