We’re thrilled to be THORPE PARK Ambassadors..!

This season The Nation’s Thrill Capital has invited us to be a part of their team of ambassadors and share with you all the news, thrills, spills and splashes from THORPE PARK for 2014! Yes there were lots of squeals of because this is undeniably an ultra-cool and very exciting blogging project. Most this squealing may even have happened before I told the children because in just one email a very smug Mummy had been created…

You see last year I took two very funny boys to THORPE PARK and we all had the most amazing day, the layout and surroundings are fantastic so even for adults the park didn’t feel busy and stressful and I didn’t go home exhausted! Instead we allowed them to queue and ride until we were practically kicked out as we saw the sun set rather beautifully over the horizon. It was the last day of the summer holidays and I felt quite a fitting end to a summer of fun!

I assured them we’d be back and Madam that I’d take her next time, realising there was plenty for the slightly smaller children to do. Master E wasn’t the required 1.4m for ‘The Big 5 Rides’ yet even though he looked on wistfully there was plenty more to do and he still loved every bit of it.

Thorpe Park

Happy Height Day…

This didn’t stop him getting home and adding,

“Reach 1.4m for the big rides at THORPE PARK”

to his goals for 2014.

THORPE PARK is recognising this milestone in a child’s life and is celebrating this with Happy Height Day!

When it reopens to the public on 20th March, THORPE PARK will celebrate by offering free admission to the first 500 children who measure between 1.4 and 1.5m plus a guest on both Saturday 22  March and Sunday 23 March! For more information and full T&Cs visit THORPEPARK.COM

If you’ve not reached 1.4m or reached it long ago though, don’t worry you won’t miss out on the fun!

March Madness…

Be quick and book your tickets in advance online before Wednesday 12th March for just £20 – almost a 60% saving on full price tickets!

After booking online, you can upgrade your ticket to a THORPE PARK Resort Annual pass on the day of your visit for just £28 and visit as many times as you like for the whole season.

Visiting early won’t only save you money; the resort is quieter out of season so you’ll enjoy shorter queues, more rides and ultimately – more fun!

Height Watch… 

So has Master E reached his 2014 goal of reaching 1.4m…?


Well, not yet but we’re not worried. We filmed this clip at the start of the year and I can announce that since then he’s grown a whole inch! He is now just over 4in away from 1.4m so if he continues to grow at this rate he may just get to celebrate his very own Happy Height Day around his 10th birthday in August.

Until then we can’t wait to see the brand new and world first Angry Birds 4D experience which is opening in May 2014. Angry Birds have also invaded the Detonator and the Red Birds and Bad Piggies are fighting it out on the dodgems – there’s plenty to get excited about!

~ THORPE PARK have provided us with Merlin Annual Passes so we can tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of you visit to the resort and have some serious fun! ~