New Nintendo 3DS…

I’ve been playing musical 3DS since we got a New Nintendo 3DS; yes that’s what it’s called simple but effective I think. Transferring from one 3DS to a new one should actually be a really simple task, Nintendo have made it really straight forward. Unfortunately when you’re a family of 5 all of who play the DS at varying regularity the lines of ownership can get blurred. Officially speaking the original 3DS belongs to Master E, the 2DS is mostly Madam’s and the special edition gold Zelda 3DS XL is Daddy’s! I wasn’t sure exactly who the New 3DS was being allocated to but I loosely wanted to transfer most of the things from the 2DS but the original 3DS is getting difficult to charge and may need replacing soon. Finally I noticed that somehow E had added his Nintendo ID to his Dad’s 3DS XL which may be about to cause trouble!

New Nintendo 3DS

It was an awkward puzzle because Nintendo Network ID, Console, contents of Sim Card and Shop purchases are linked; they may all be transferred easily straight over to a new console. Sadly you can’t combine two on to one which is what I really wanted to do. This makes sense because it stops the sharing of files and downloads but in this instance was frustrating. Eventually I moved E’s original console over to the New 3DS and his cheeky takeover of his father’s on to his original 3DS. The new 3DS has a MicroSD so you will need to use a PC to transfer SD files instead of just moving the SD card from one console to another but this is very straightforward and the New 3DS comes complete with the 4GB MicroSD.

The New 3DS is quite significantly different from our original 3DS and I don’t have the previous one to compare side by side, they’re less strikingly different however the small changes make quite a big difference. Obviously the main feature of all 3DS consoles is the 3DS display that doesn’t require glasses to view. Every time I look at the 3DS I still can’t quite believe how this works; as an 80’s kid it reminds me that I really am living in ‘the future’ now! I love the novelty and play all my games this way and on the New 3DS the 3D capabilities have been improved – the console tracks the angle you’re watching from and adjusts the 3D accordingly!

New Nintendo 3DS

Alongside these very clever technical changes that speed up the load times, increase brightness of the screen and allow you to transfer data wirelessly are some wonderful aesthetic changes. Probably the most noticeable and one of my favourite are the SNES style coloured buttons. These arrive with more buttons for greater control – there’s a C-Stick and ZL & ZR buttons on the back beside the standard L & R ones.

New Nintendo 3DS

The final and fantastic feature of the New 3DS are interchangeable cover plates which remind me of the snap on covers you used to get for Nokia phones. Both front and back change so currently my all white New 3DS is instead wearing a bright and bold Mario cover. Currently there’s a selection of character and game covers in the Nintendo store and having spotted the special edition Majora’s Mask 3DS XL I’m really looking forward to seeing the what cover plates are released in the future!

Tomodachi Life

Whilst playing my game of musical 3DS transfers I made the mistake of having a look at Tomodachi Life – this game is so addictive! In this game your Mii characters live and interact with one another and I turned it on to see the daily newsflash on Madam’s island. The dry humour in it actually made me ‘LOL’ and I couldn’t resist a look around. It’s easy to get the hang of collecting money and meeting your townspeople’s needs, making sure they’re fed and decorating their rooms. This is exactly the sort of game I do flick on occasionally in the evening because it is so simple and you can pick it up and put it down as quickly. It doesn’t take a lot of thought which I find relaxing and is about organising and improving which I think I must have slight OCD for – I really like this game!

Super Smash Bros

E & T are either playing Super Smash Bros or Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. I must admit to being a little clueless about Super Smash Bros but they obviously adore this game and regularly have to be dragged off. It is all about battles either as a team or against one another which is always better than them battling for real which is done with an army of characters. Some of these characters are locked to begin with which I know because unlocking one creates enormous noise and excitement! This is of course the game they can interact with their Amiibo figures in – this involves “battling them to level them up and increase their skill” these were E’s exact words to which I nodded and smiled. They don’t need plugging in, you tap them on the WiiU or New 3DS (which they’re compatible with) and suddenly they’re transported into the game world – this is so scarily sci-fi to me I usually just watch and wonder what on earth my 10-year-old self would have thought!

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal is much more familiar to me, it uses all the characters and mostly buttons I’m used to so I can pick it up and have a turn without making a complete fool of myself. It is a platform, puzzle game which at times the children find a little difficult and pass over to Daddy. He doesn’t mind the problem is trying to get it back because this is definitely his sort of game. There is a lot to each level and you can as E does, hurtle through or as Ant does go for skill or enjoy collecting things which Madam loves. Some of these collectibles work somehow in the Wii U game by transferring them wirelessly putting us again slightly outside of the gaming realm I know but the children are absolutely thrilled by these clever touches!

~ As Nintendo Family Bloggers we were gifted the 3DS, all thoughts are our own. ~

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