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Just because the season of gift giving is behind us it doesn’t stop there being lots of reasons for giving. I really do much prefer to give than receive and really enjoy the process of selecting the right gift to suit the person and occasion. This year I’ve vowed to be even more mindful of everything I do and this will even apply to gift giving; it is really important to me that a gift is not given for the sake of it. These days, we all have most the things we need, so a gift should either be useful or add a touch of joy to its recipient.

Children’s Gifts

As you can imagine these make up the bulk of my gift purchasing with the children regularly being invited to classmate’s parties. After around 10 years old I feel cash or a voucher in a card is a perfectly acceptable gift and often what this age group desires. As a parent, I would much prefer my child has birthday cash to put towards something they’re saving for than lots of gifts with the potential to just add to my cluttered house.

Aged under 10, children usually still much prefer a parcel to open. My favourite choice for these gifts are craft supplies and kits which I feel are always useful so I usually stock up when I see them on offer. Clothes are also a great choice, to keep them exciting and appealing to the child, buy something with their favourite character on or a dressing up costume.

If buying a gift for a bigger occasion or buying a present for a child when going for a visit consider something they can use and enjoy there and then. Most the above fit this purpose and also outdoors games and crafts which bring extra fun to an event or party.

Sidewalk Chalk Tagging Kit

Sidewalk Chalk Tagging Kit – Uncommon Goods


Gifts for Men

Probably the hardest to buy for but with a little bit of thought, there are some really fun finds out there. When searching for the perfect gift for him the internet is such a valuable resource and where sites like Uncommon Goods really are a blessing. Uncommon goods are an American website and the perfect place to find some really unique treasures. The site is really easy to navigate giving options to search by occasion such as birthday gifts, interest, recipient and more, take a look here. If you know one of the gentleman’s hobbies such as, golf, cooking, technology or walking his dog – then you’ll soon be walking away with the perfect gift! When in doubt a bottle of something is often appreciated. Even if it’s not something enjoyed personally, it can be cooked with or even passed on at the school tombola. I liked this sweet twist which I think is a fun alternative to a bottle of spirits which will appeal to a sweet tooth…

Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup

Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup – Uncommon Goods

Gifts for Women

Personally, I’ve never been one to complain about flowers, I thoroughly appreciate being gifted them and love the way they look and the scent they bring to a room. I really enjoy anything that delivers scent to the home, diffusers and particularly scented candles and generally think they make well-received gifts. Something special to add to the home decor is also a really nice thought, and uncommon goods have lots of great ideas for this. If you don’t quite so well then buy something that can be enjoyed then and there like sweet treats and chocolates to share around. If you’re looking for something for a special occasion, consider an event or vouchers for a treat. Is there a show she’d like to see, does she need a relaxing day at a spa or maybe just a quick manicure?

Literary Candles

Literary Candles – Uncommon Goods

This type of gift offers the opportunity for a little quality time which is, of course, one of the most precious things we can give. We should be mindful that often it is the thought, demonstration that we really know the person and want to bring joy. I enjoy the Uncommon Goods site because they believe in supporting their workers with a fair wage and chose suppliers with a similar ethos. They chose gifts that have been created in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner something we should all be bearing in mind as we make our future purchases.

Bioluminescent Aquarium

Bioluminescent Aquarium – Uncommon Goods

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