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Making ‘Blue Monday’ fun with a pizza party…

Blue Monday is the name given to the 3rd Monday in January, thought to be the most depressing day of the year. With the fun of Christmas holidays well behind us and still a couple of cold dark January weeks until payday if you’re going to have a low then there’s a good chance of it happening today.

I must admit that my ‘Blue Monday’ started pretty well for me, except for the miserable freezing rain! I’ve had low expectations for 2017 and so far it’s surprised me with lots of positives. To start the day I needed to do a quick shop, on the drive there whilst the radio told me how miserable the day was all the lights turned green as I approached and I drove straight into a spot in the busy car park – I had a generally good feeling!

Whilst in Tescos I decided to make the day fun for everyone and picked out a couple of new DVD’s, a game and Tesco Takeaway Pizza to set out after school. This simple dinner is a not only a novelty to the kids but makes things much easier for me!

Have you seen Tesco’s Takeaway pizza range; they’re completely irresistible!? First, they’re an absolutely huge 14″ which is perfect for me because with 4 children a standard size just doesn’t cut it anymore. Based on Takeaway favourites they come in 6 flavours (Veggie Supreme, Hawaiian Deluxe, Mighty Meat Combo, BBQ Chicken Supreme), 2 with a delicious stuffed crust (Stuffed Crust Cheese Meltdown and Stuffed Crust Ultimate Pepperoni).

tesco takeaway fun

At £4.50 each and taking just under 15mins in the oven, these make a really budget friendly alternative to calling a pizza delivery. Most importantly they taste really good too. For dramatic effect, I’d like to say that following my shop the day got worse and having the party made it all better in the end…

Instead, our Monday remained generally positive and calm and was finished off with a fun family meal. This was great for me because it’s often this lead up to dinner that is the most fraught time in our house but with a new DVD to settle down with the children were kept entertained until it was ready – although that didn’t take long!

Monday conquered I wonder if the rest of our week and maybe even January can stay as fun!

tesco takeaway fun


~ Tesco sent us vouchers to trial their pizzas and share our thoughts with you. ~