Monopoly Token Madness

Monopoly needs your vote..!

The start of 2017 will see Monopoly shaking things up as it plans a complete overhaul of all the current tokens with the launch of a Token Madness Vote!

Yes, the fate of your much-loved playing pieces is now in your hands and they need your vote to save them! I have a particular fondness for the Top Hat and Scottie Dog but was delighted by the more recent addition of the Cat. Which is your favourite and could you bear to see another game without them – times running out!?

To cast a vote for your favourite you must visit there you’ll get to tour the Monopoly mansion and select your 8 favourite tokens for the next generation of the Monopoly game. Pick from 50 candidates including all the current tokens and new options such as a penguin, rubber ducky and bunny. 

Don’t forget to Vote Cat!!


Family Four Fun will be voting Cat because we feel that it is the strongest candidate for the future generations of the game. Being the youngest of the tokens it already offers a fresh appearance, up to date popularity and relevance the purrfect choice!

Vote Now and Win…

The latest Token Madness game will offer you one of the first chances to play with some of the potential new tokens. The classic game includes all 8 of the classic tokens beside 8 all new gold tokens; penguin, TV, race car, Mr Monopoly emoji, ducky, watch, wheel and bunny slipper.

token madness

We have one copy to giveaway to a lucky reader, all you have to do is enter via the gleam widget below before midnight on 31st January 2017.

Good Luck!

Monopoly Token Madness

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