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8 Practical Presents for Kids…

Are you in the market for a child’s present? It can be really hard to know what to buy unless you’re going to give up and buy yet more ‘stuff’ that you know the lucky recipient doesn’t really need! Here we’ve come up with eight practical present ideas that might give you some inspiration…

A fun back pack

As you’ll doubtless know, children love carrying a bag of their own to put their things into when they’re out and about; even if those things are just bits and bobs that seem totally unnecessary to their parents! So, why not indulge them a little by buying them a fun back pack to store their goodies in? They’ll love how grown up they feel, and they can use it for school, sleepovers and camping trips when they’re a little older.

Trunki PaddlePak


Wellies are a similarly useful gift for children that will be as much appreciated by their parents. Wellies are perfect for stomping in puddles, pulling on when diving in and out of tents, or simply for tucking into a pair of dungarees for a Sunday walk. You can buy good quality children’s wellies relatively inexpensively, and they’ll get tonnes of wear too. 

Joules Wellies

A membership

If you know a child well enough to know what they’re really into right now (animals, castles or the cinema, for example), why not buy them a membership? It’s the kind of gift they may not instantly realise is awesome at the time, but when they’re able to walk straight into the favourite zoo or catch their favourite movies without spending their pocket money (or nagging their parents), they’ll think your gift is pretty cool.

A sleeping bag

A sleeping bag may not sound like the most fun thing to unwrap ever, but again, it’s one of those practical presents that will transpire into fun on multiple occasions. Make sure you wrap yours with an attached note hinting at all the fun things a child can do with this present, such as sleepovers with their friends, camping trips at the weekend or away trips with school; that way it’ll be received with lots of excitement.

Child Ready bed

A magazine subscription

A magazine subscription is a really thoughtful, practical present especially if you know a child’s parents would like them to spend more time reading than on a screen! It’s up to you to decide which magazine to buy them a subscription to, but rest assured that they’ll look forward to receiving special mail – just for them – every month.

Art supplies

Art supplies are another one of those really practical presents that kids will get loads of enjoyment from. Pots of paint, glitter glue, large pads of coloured paper and lots more are really cheap and easy to find, you’ll be able to put together quite a nice collection without too much effort or cost.



Have you heard that the child in question is particularly interested in trying something? Well, why not book them a class? You could book them a one-off class with a horse riding school, a drum lesson or a trampolining class. The key is to book them a one-off class ( in case it turns out not to be something they’re interested in) and to only book it once you’ve confirmed their availability with their parents. No-one will thank you for booking their kid into a Saturday morning ballet class if the family already has plans! 

Kitchen tools of their own

Finally, you could consider buying a child some kitchen tools of their own. There are companies that make kitchen tools (like knives and mixing spoons) that are specially designed for small hands with extra safety features. This is a great gift for children who show an interest in cooking, want to help or just love to hang out in the kitchen with their parents.

Do you have any practical present suggestions to add to this list?

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