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Having a large family, self-catering is usually my first choice when considering holiday options because it gives freedom to design the break we want. Clickstay is a great resource when researching this kind of accommodation with over 12,000 around the world it’s a great start to get an idea of availability, price or select a location. There are so many reasons to choose a holiday rental for a family holiday but here are some of the mains ones and a few of my thoughts on them…

Home from Home

Like I said a the very start, a holiday rental allows you to create exactly the holiday you need. With a large family, a house with almost all your creature comforts and plenty of space is a really good place to start. Whether you plan to eat out most the time or entirely self-cater, having a kitchen gives you freedom of choice. A kitchen also makes it easy to prepare those extra snacks small children so often require, evening refreshments for the adults and is a godsend for families who may have allergies or other dietary requirements. Lots of properties have a private pool too and that with a little bit of sunshine might be all the entertainment the children need. Just imagine the luxurious break you could enjoy in this Koh Samui Beach Villa with 3 bedrooms, private pool, jacuzzi and outdoors spa bath and shower!

Koh Samui Beach Villa


As a family of 2 adults and 4 children, we can rarely fit into one hotel room and booking the extra room often significantly increases cost. It is also rarely guaranteed that these rooms will be interconnecting which makes it uncertain if time will be spent with parents jumping between rooms and/or sleeping separately. One self-catering property allows us to stay together and is usually better value when compared to two rooms, it may also be an option to share the property with extended family or friends, further reducing the cost. Clickstay has a good selection of these larger properties at very reasonable weekly rates. Preparing your own meals also cuts costs as does having the freedom from a package to select all your own extras and transport options. A holiday to somewhere like Disney World, Florida can be made much more affordable by sharing a large family villa and most feature a private pool which is the perfect place to relax after exploring the theme parks.

Holiday villa Florida


Holiday rentals are available worldwide and also very close to home which can be ideal when the budget’s tight. Airfares can be quite restrictive at certain times yet a change of scene and space might be all you need for a relaxing break. There are many properties throughout the UK which can be perfect accommodation options for a family get-together, weddings and so much more. This incredibly quirky home in trendy Brighton sleeps 12 and could be the perfect setting for that special occasion.

Brighton holiday rental


It’s really easy to custom your own break around a holiday rental just be sure to check everything thoroughly, read reviews and write a checklist of all your requirements before you confirm anything. Once you’ve identified a property with correct facilities go on to check transport options and timings. If your ideal property isn’t a reasonable distance for a taxi from airport or train station then consider hiring a car this will often be much more convenient than relying on taxis and still budget friendly. Finally, plan your days out, or even in; one of the things I love most about a holiday rental is the option to really relax just packing a few extras can allow you to create a sunny BBQ, family movie, theme party, relaxing spa and so much more.

Have Fun!

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