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Star Wars Costumes for World Book Day…

Star Wars is a really brilliant costume theme for World Book Day, there are so many characters to chose from and many of the costumes aren’t too complicated to put together at home. For instance, a Jedi can be fashioned from an old brown robe, Ewok from a fluffy jumper and ears.

We created our Rey costume from a £4 Primark scarf wrapped over a white t-shirt and brown leggings. Ideally, the leggings would be cream and for the photos, I forgot to wrap the bandages up her arms which she will have when she wears it to school next week. You could really get as technical as you want with the details but Fif was very happy with this.
Star Wars Rey Costume

Our main reason for choosing Rey, except for the fact she’s a super cool character was to have a go at the hairstyle. Girl’s hairstyles aren’t usually my strong point but a very similar 3 ponytail style is my ‘go to’ for catching all Fifi’s fine hairs so I was pretty sure I could manage. It is very easy to do; you just make 3 loose buns wrapping some left over hair around them and pinning it beneath. We were really pleased with how it turned out.

Rey Hairstyle

Another reason Star Wars is such a good choice for World Book Day is the sheer quantity of books now available which span every age range and ability – from the originals to the very early readers we reviewed before.

The latest collection we’ve been looking at is Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space series. There are 5 in the entire series aimed at children around 7 years and up they are relatively large print chapter books with around 160 pages. The 5th book in this series, Star Wars: The Cold, will be released on the 9th March!

The books focus on Milo and Lina Graf, whose parents have been abducted by agents of the evil Empire. The children’s mission to try and rescue them takes them on an exciting journey of adventure with all of the strange creatures and spaceships you’s expect to find in the galaxy. Whilst my 12 year old quickly devoured the story, Cian and I are working on them together with him reading a few pages for practice and then me finishing off.


We have a full set of Star Wars – Adventures in Wild Space to give away to one lucky reader. Just fill in the Gleam widget below letting me know what Star Wars character your child (or you) would choose to dress up as before midnight on 15th March when we’ll pick a winner at random. If you want you can complete some other options for extra entries into the draw. Full set includes…

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Good Luck!

Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space Books

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