saltrock spring

A Springtime Stroll with Saltrock….

Monday was the first day of spring and last week some of the first promises of warmer days had begun to appear. March is my favourite month, it houses both my birthday and Mother’s Day, so I often get to relax a little but my favourite part about it is seeing the days get longer and the start of Spring.

saltrock in spring

Maybe it’s because I’m more of an evening person that I delight so much in lighter evenings. It seems that regardless of how good or bad a winter we’ve had, at the end it always feels like we’ve been in a cocoon and cabin fever has set in.

Getting out to breathe the fresh air and blow away the cobwebs when the sun is warm yet the air still cool is such a wonderful feeling and exactly what we set out to do the other day. The girls and I were all wearing Saltrock tops which had been sent for us to try out earlier in the year.

saltrock in spring

Tilly now has a few pieces of Saltrock clothing and commented when her new hoodie arrives how much she likes this brand. She likes the style and how comfortable and cosy they are to wear. I find the clothes wash really well only becoming more soft with age and everything she owns has lasted beautifully. She’ll be able to hand them down to Fifi which makes them great value for money.

saltrock girls

Even living in the city we’re still treated to some great outdoor spaces to walk and play. Our local park houses a beautiful manor house, walled gardens which are beautifully planted and fields stretching out for miles behind which lead down to the Brent River and Grand Union Canal.

It’s nice not to be weighed down by too many layers and the girl’s hoodie tops are perfect for this with their super soft and warm borg lining. My long hoodie with microfleece lining is also perfect for this purpose. There was a cold breeze when we were out the fleece layer kept it out and me warm inside. It’s great to have a piece of clothing like this that whilst quick and easy to throw on, I can trust it to keep me warm and look stylish.

saltrock style

It’s lovely to be able to get outside and explore, especially in comfort. I’m looking forward to so many more sunny days outside

Hello Spring!