Do you have a Mum uniform..?

Do you have a Mum uniform..?

Recently I was asked this question by Lisa at New Mum Online who put together a collection of looks from the bloggers of #UkMumSquad. It wasn’t really something I’d put much thought into before but when I did, I realised there was definitely a strong theme running through my daily choices. Mainly throughout autumn/winter this had been anything comfortable with a cosy fluffy hooded parka from Fat Face thrown over the top.

It got me wondering if this was a bit lazy and whether I should make more effort which brought me to the the realisation that no; for me being a stay-at-home mum requires clothing that’s practical and comfortable and whilst there are some that can drag on something fashionable every day with ease and feel just as comfortable, this just isn’t me.

When you read the reasons for wearing a uniform in this infographic by 4imprint they can easily be made relevant to mothering; although I don’t think Mums on the school run require a unified image to identify with one another I do think there are occasions when this inadvertently may be the case. The rest make a lot of sense, motherhood is an active role and dressing in clothing that allows ease of movement and protection from everything the kids throw your way is a good idea! Waterproof and stain resistant materials aren’t a bad place to start looking when looking for a mum uniform!

Mum Uniform

Often a Mum Uniform more so just happens than requires creation but with a little bit of thought you can put together some mix and match staples that will fit your needs whilst being stylish too. I’ve recently been incredibly into decluttering and creating a more streamlined wardrobe and this certainly cuts clothing costs and allows you to invest in more quality pieces to make sure those day to day essentials stand up to the test of time.

For me these essentials are comfortable well fitted jeans, easy to pull on boots or trainers, cosy knitwear and a warm waterproof coat. In summer they only need to be replaced by lighter fabrics and a couple of easy to slip into dresses. Less fuss in my outfit choices makes my mornings easier and leaves more time in my day for fun!

Do you have a Mum uniform, what has become your ‘go-to’ style, I’d love to hear?