Fun family flights with Air New Zealand

Fun family flights with Air New Zealand…

Can you imagine flying to New Zealand via Los Angeles, what an adventure that would be!?

We got the chance to experience what that would be like, in the heart of London’s Soho without our feet having to leave the ground.

Air New Zealand fly this route direct from London Heathrow and are codesharing partners with many other major airlines allowing you to fly from Machester instead. Or to New Zealand via other hubs like Vancouver, Tokyo, Hong Kong or the fastest option, Singapore.

When you are doing such a long haul journey, especially as a family it’s not only advisable but enjoyable to make a stop off and doing so will not add any additional cost to your airfare.

We got to see the route illustrated on a huge interactive globe. This was so educational for the children who knew very little about New Zealand – a country so far at the other side of the world. Showing them the plane’s route and then zooming into things to see and do once there gave them a real feel for the destination.

Rout to New Zealand via LA

What an exciting destination it would be too, there’s so much to see and do in New Zealand you could almost create any style of holiday your heart desired. There’s glacier hiking, snowboarding, surfing and 4×4 tours for the adventurous. Boat trips, dolphin watching, beaches and beautiful lush environments to explore. Beautiful towns, cities and villages to wander and the exotic and interesting Maori culture to learn about.

A stop off in Los Angeles would allow you to visit Hollywood, Universal Studios, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach and of course Disneyland! That’s before you even consider venturing further into California for its beautiful beaches, surf, iconic sights and golden sunsets. To say we were ready to pack is an understatement, Madam, in particular, had a glint of wanderlust in her eyes.

Airline of the year

Long-haul with children, however, can be a daunting prospect; in fact, do any of us look forward to being stuck in the same place for several place hours. Air New Zealand’s Economy Skycouch really is a very special development in the comfort of air travel.

When we regularly travelled as children we’d whoop with delight if we managed to get a row of seats to stretch out in. Air New Zealand have maximised this allowing the foot rest to raise entirely, giving you an in air couch to stretch out on. As a couple or family travelling this guarantees you a whole row of comfort and space to get your head down and snooze. The children immediately settled in front of the screens and looked set to stay there a while, in fact, they didn’t want to leave.

Air New Zealand family flights Economy Skycouch

The Premium Economy seats are ergonomically designed with footrests that hold your feet at exactly the right elevation and adjust to your height – I wanted to take one home for my living room! This is perfect for those wanting a little extra, such as 50% extra seat recline, premium food and wine and premium check in on the ground.

It’s impossible to compare Premium Business class booths to anything else. If you can afford the luxury of a cafe sized dining table to enjoy in-flight bucks fizz breakfast with your loved one over; which then transforms into a flat lay bed with memory foam mattress for the night – why would you chose anything else!? I, however, am far more impressed to see options like the Skycouch introduced for those of us who can’t even consider this option.

Air New Zealand Business

I mentioned bucks fizz breakfast and even back in economy, you will be treated to fresh, high-quality dining options with a menu created with chef Peter Gordon.

On returning home I took a look online at the pricing options for flights with Air New Zealand and although looking at airfares for 6 is always a tad daunting, Air New Zealand is currently running some really great options. I was particularly interested to see the cost of the Skycouch upgrade which can be added from about £100 extra each way.

The Air New Zealand pop-up is open Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th April on Wardour Street in Soho so if you’re in the area you could visit yourself to see ‘how we fly’. If you’ve missed this opportunity then there’s a wealth of great information and video demonstrations on the Air New Zealand website. Be warned if you do visit that you’ll leave checking your diary for when you can plan the trip of a lifetime!

Dolphin watching in New Zealnd