Fun style for spring

Fun spring style…

I think it may finally be here the sun’s not just shining but feeling a little bit warm, sunglasses are out and well, now we’ve had the Easter holidays it’s surely time to send the children back in summer dresses and shorts! Who cares if it’s actually still a bit nippy we are determined to grin and bear it.

Time to unpack the spring summer wardrobe and whilst you’re at it, a perfect excuse to shop for a few new bits and bobs to freshen it up for the new year.

Being a short 5ft, I’m not entirely sure I can wear the current trend for dungarees although I am very fond of them. What I think I could carry off which would both fit with current style whilst being a timeless classic is a denim dungarees dress.

fun spring style Esprit denim dress and top

I particularly like the waist band on this one which I think would stop them looking shapeless which just makes me look shorter. I’d wear them with a loose white blouse, possibly with lace or embroidery detail. This set is from Esprit who had a really great collection for spring/summer at reasonable prices.

Another part of my wardrobe that definitely needs refreshing are the accessories. I recently had a clear out and barely kept anything and just want to invest in a couple of good quality pieces. I’m currently very tempted by this globe from True Rocks, it comes in a few colours but purple is really my thing – what do you think? Another item firmly on my wishlist are these Prada sunglasses but I’m well aware it may not be spring/summer by the time I’ve saved for them!


Recently we went to visit TOMS and whilst they may be better known for shoes, I had my eye turned by their range of bags. Finally, I think the perfect finishing touch would be these Ash boots; I wear ankle boots so much, I’ve worn the heels off mine so it must be time for a new pair.

boots and bag

Is there anything you’ve bought or will be adding to your wardrobe for spring?