fun harry potter arts and craft ideas to try this Half Term

Bewitchingly fun arts and craft ideas to try this Half Term…

There’s nothing like a little bit of magic to stir the imagination and with Harry Potter still just as popular with the children as when we first read the books and the films still a firm favourite – recreating our own special effects is a popular craft activity. Most these lovely crafts can be made by most age groups and can be great props for parties or just the latest game.


Floating candles

Hanging real candles from the ceiling to emulate The Great Hall isn’t the safest idea, even the Harry Potter crew learnt this the hard way when their prop candles burnt through the wires holding them up and began falling onto the set below.

Instead use flameless, battery-operated tea lights and wrap some lightweight white card around the base to make them look like candles. Just make sure you turn on the tea lights before you secure them or make a small incision so the switch is reachable from the outside. Fold the card in at the bottom so it’s not hollow when you look at it from underneath, then thread them up and admire.

Bewitchingly fun arts and craft ideas to try this Half Term

Potion bottles

Potion bottles are really easy, just a variety of empty bottle and free printable labels like these are easy to put together. Your child can help with choosing the ingredients – such as leaves for gilly weed or food colouring mixed with glue for dragon’s blood. If you want you can fill them with a resin to set hard and re-use or just use water for a less permanent decoration.

For the finishing touches get the children to cut out and attach labels and string decorations onto the bottles. Get the children really using their imagination when it comes to ingredients, how about cutting black card to make bat wings or using crystals for mermaid tears?

When they’re all lined up they look like a shop window display in Diagon Alley, which might give you inspire you to head off to buy some Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes or visit Ollivander’s Wand Shop for yourself at Warner Brothers Studio Tours.

diagon alley

Flying keys wing template

Making a lovely decoration for children’s rooms, flying keys are really simple to make. Either use some old keys, or if you can’t find any there’s a convincing key template on this guide, along with one for wings so they’re completely made of paper.

A wizarding wand

Another super easy make that’s sure to get the kids going spell crazy is whipping up a magic wand. All you need is a stick and whatever decoration you can find. The gnarlier the stick the more authentic it looks, as long as it’s nice and fresh so it’s solid. This make gives you an excuse to get outside exploring, which we all love too. When you get back, use coloured string wrapped around the handle end and decorated with matching glitter for some magic sparkle.

Wizard wands

Magic messages

Invest in a couple of calligraphy pens and the wizarding possibilities are endless. Using the tried and tested method of tea-staining paper, you can scribe a wanted poster for wizarding villains and make up the most horrible death-eaters imaginable. Other ideas include creating a map of the secret chambers of Hogwarts or writing messages to be delivered by owl. Here’s a really nice guide to the fonts used in Harry Potter that you can copy.

guide to fonts used in harry potter

Another option is to write with invisible ink so messages are really secret and can only be revealed by the holder of the magic wand (pen). As the text disappears kids will think it’s like the moving images in The Daily Prophet.

Let me know which projects you think you’ll try and any other wizarding makes you love.

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