brits exaggerate experiences

Do you exaggerate..?

Observing the children, I realise this is something they do often; everything is the biggest in the world, the best, the fastest – not a lot is standard. They’re fascinated by facts and figures; how much, how high, how far? They love reading about world records and often suggest that one day they’ll break one themselves. The desire to explore, to learn and challenge drives them to keep a note of the numbers and sometimes exaggerate them just a little.

It’s not so much a lie as a stretch of the imagination and according to recent research commissioned by MSC Cruises found it’s not just the children at it either!

More than one in ten or 14 percent of Brits exaggerate the cultural experiences they’ve had. They may claim they have visited a place they have never been to, enjoyed a book they’ve never read, or tried a food they’ve never tasted.


Thinking about this, I found myself identifying a fair bit; not so much in saying I’d been places I hadn’t, in my case I’m lucky to have been to quite a few. However, I did most my travelling as a child so now as an adult it’s easy to exaggerate my memories.

I also exaggerate my knowledge; I could never go on a quiz show because I’m that person absolutely 100% certain it’s A when it turns out to be C. Being confident in your ability can be quite a good quality, it makes other people believe what you’re talking about and usually that works out well but every once in a while it can go wrong and leave you a little silly.

I wonder if this is why people exaggerate cultural experiences, if you are better travelled and more worldly wise you’re assumed to be interesting and intelligent? A huge 35 percent of Brits would consider a cruise to a destination such as the Mediterranean or Caribbean in a bid to appear more cultured.

I don’t blame them, a cruise is most certainly a great way to see the world in comfort and convenience. This weekend, we recently visited an MSC Cruise ship and look forward to telling you what opportunities there are to get more cultured and more importantly have lots of fun. You won’t need to exaggerate the places you’ll see, the view from the ship as far as the eye can see, the number of pools or the level of luxury.

Watch out for our full review of MSC’s Preziosa cruise ship for family fun holidays coming soon. In the meantime, be honest, is there something you tend to you exaggerate?

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