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Star Wars 40th Anniversary…

Do you remember where you were or who you were with when you first watched Star Wars?

Just the opening music and titles screen immediately jolts me back to my youth and yet I didn’t even like it then – except for the Ewoks. For this young girl there just wasn’t enough singing, dancing or general showbusiness for me to take notice. It must have been on the telly (thanks to my brothers) hundreds of times without me ever really knowing what was going on and any questions about the story line were just met with groans of irritation.

I didn’t realise I could possibly enjoy the films but in summer 1999 I was working with a youth group and one of our activities was to go to the cinema to watch The Phantom Menace. This brought back memories and an interest in the original films and so I watched them all again with my then boyfriend, now husband.


The children have just been brought up watching them over and over, Ethan must’ve watched The Empire Strikes Back as a tiny toddler because he used to regularly request I put on what he called then ‘Stompers in the Snow’.

Star Wars 40th Anniv

Tilly in a slightly similar way to me seems to have taken longer be interested in the films but after not wanting to join us for The Force Awakens last year, did come along with us to see Rogue One. The Star Wars Boxing Day cinema trip has been written into recent family tradition. We now all get together with the Grandfather who probably indirectly introduced most of us to the saga and are hoping this is something we can continue to do for the next few Christmas’ to come with new releases on the horizon.

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Star Wars Books from Egmont

We have been sharing Egmont’s Star Wars Books with you for a while now; they have a large and extensive collection to satisfy and Star Wars fan; from Make & Do books to inspire your next craft activity to beautifully illustrated fact guides and Junior Novels.

Star Wars Junior Atlas

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary, Egmont have released A New Hope in Junior Novel form…

We were also sent the Galactic Atlas which is absolutely fascinating for all of us but Cian in particular loves to point out all the places he recognises and wants to watch the films whilst charting their course.

Star Wars Galactic Atlas


We have a set of these books to giveaway to a Star Wars fan who’d like to celebrate this anniversary with us. All you need to do is fill in the Gleam Entry form below before midnight on 4th June to be in the draw to win the following titles…

Good Luck

Star Wars Books

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