Toy Story Movie NIght

Fun family film night with Toy Story…

heyMovie nights really are one of my favourite ways to spend time together as a family. There’s something really special about sharing some time just quietly snuggled together as a family.

The opportunity to share some of our favourite films from our own childhood was something that really excited us and we talked about when E was still a tiny baby. It was also really nice to have an excuse to watch some of the children’s films we hadn’t seen ourselves. When E was little, one such film was Toy Story having been released when we were disinterested teens.

The film’s storyline around toys being alive has some similarities to my favourite childhood book, The Velveteen Rabbit. This book had me believing my toys really did come to life when I wasn’t looking and watching out for evidence of such activity. Partly due to this Toy Story really appealed and instantly became a firm family favourite.

toy story family fave

It appeals to everyone but seems to have a particularly special place in the hearts of my lads – hubby may even have shed a tear in Toy Story 3.

With exciting news of a few big Disney and Pixar on the horizon, including Cars 3 this year and Toy Story 4, in 2019 the films are fresh in the children’s minds once more. With a 6 year age group between E and his brother, it’s now his turn to share his favourites.

boys playing Toy Story

When B&M Stores sent us a lovely hamper of goodies for a Toy Story film night, he was only too eager to get into the toys. It was lovely and very rare to watch the boys actually pick up toys and play together whilst they watched the film.

boys watch toy story
E complained that he’d never had toys of the characters as if he’d somehow been deprived, hopefully now this need has now been fulfilled by B&M stores. B&M have a great collection of toys, including these Toy Story characters from Thinkway Toys, and much more. I thought the Butterkist movie night pack was particularly cool and for just £4.99 made the evening feel particularly special because it included so many treats I wouldn’t usually buy.

butterkist movie box

We enjoyed the film on a very rare evening when it was just me and the boys but I know when the girls see the character dolls they’re going to want Jessie too. The toys are true to film size and feel really well made and robust. The only inconsistency we noticed was Woody’s boot not being labelled which we decided was because he was our Woody so branded him as such.

woody doll b&m stores

We’d love to hear some of your Toy Story memories, so please join us on 27th June when we’ll be having a Twitter party with Thinkway Toys there’ll be lots of Toy Story fun and prizes to be won!


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