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The boys’ back to school survival kit…

Your son might be a little bit daunted about starting a new school, or maybe he’s got comfy at home over the holidays and needs a little encouragement going back. My boys’ back to school survival kit covers things that are cool, fun and practical for boys to use at school, which are sure to have them feeling prepared and even excited for the term ahead.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 09.16.24The right kind of rebellious

First, they’ll need something to put all their things in – and this Star Wars Rebel Squadron Pilot Backpack ticks all the boxes and more. It’s a bit pricey, but you’re getting quality as it’s official Star Wars merch. It’s a laptop bag too so is probably meant for grown-ups, but Star Wars fans of all ages will love it.
There are plenty of pockets and the laptop compartment could instead be used for keeping files and notepads secure. It also has comfortable, sturdy straps to help prevent back strain.



Put your best foot forward

Boys’ school shoes generally have to be black, while leather is always preferable for being hard-wearing and letting feet breathe. It can be hard to find affordable, trendy shoes that fit the bill, but the range of stylish school shoes from Tu include a funky crossover strap pair. Not only do they look good, but they have loads of practical features like an antibacterial, odour-reducing lining, cushioned padding and scuff resistant finish.

Classroom staples needn’t be boring

Filling a pencil case is something that’s sure to get your son excited about going back to school. The case itself can have their favourite character on, be made by a cool brand like Herschel or Joules, or have fancy features like a built-in calculator or pop-up lid.

When it comes to what to put inside, this Minecraft-style puzzle block eraser will be a hit. Boys can share the erasers out among their friends and build them back again together, or they might want to keep the whole set all to themselves.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 09.16.35

Snazzy PE trainers

The most important item in any PE kit in terms of comfort, performance and looking cool, has to be the trainers. If you’ve got boys who are past the plimsoll stage, that’s when the fun begins with trainer shopping.

These Asics Gel kids’ running shoes are on our back to school wish list as they’re sturdy and in a fab colourway for only £40. They’ve got a reinforced toe and extra material on the top of the shoe – I don’t know how many pairs of trainers have ripped on top in our house. Plus there’s gel cushioning in the sole and they’re lightweight but strong enough for running over rocks, sand, gravel or whatever cross-country lessons throw at them. I hope you and the boys in your house find some inspiration from this survival kit. I’m off to pick up some school gear!

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