Glastonbury Tor

Family fun around Somerset with the Vauxhall Zafira…

For half-term, we borrowed a Vauxhall Zafira and set off to explore the South-West of England. The Zafira is such a great option for family travel with flexible seating for up to 7. We really love how when needed both the rear and middle seats fold entirely flat giving you a really large, easy to load area. The middle seat in the central row also transforms into a large arm rest for extra comfort. Needing all the seats for our journey gives slightly less packing space, something we’re well used to but with footwells and the rear shelf, we were able to pack in everything we need for a week-long trip without having to get the roof rack out.

Zafira Comfort



First stop en-route was Stonehenge, we’ve driven past many times on our journeys out West but have never had the chance to stop before. This time we were grateful for our English Heritage membership which allowed us to make a quick stop at the monument. Seeing it from the road is pretty special, getting up close is awesome!! There’s a quiet magic in these ancient stones and the knowledge they have stood surveying this land and all that changes around it for thousands of years. As English Heritage members the audio tour was included and they do a child’s version which was absolutely excellent for teaching them about the stones. They find reading notices boring but running around hunting for numbers and listening to the corresponding recording lots of fun.

Cheddar Gorge and Caves

Cheddar Gorge

We were staying in Somerset so couldn’t miss a visit to Cheddar Gorge. Neither of us has been since we were children so it was great fun taking our own. Such a picture perfect village, we stopped for an ice cream before heading to explore the caves below. When visiting the gorge you can buy a ticket which gives you access to all the attractions, 2 lots of caves and a bus tour. The children enjoyed the Dreamhunters cave most which uses projectors and magical lighting to take you on an adventure in the footsteps of the early man.

Longleat Estate & Safari Park

Longleat Safari longleat

Following our visit last year to Longleat, we were desperate to come again with Master E and bring our friends too. There is so much to do here, we absolutely love it and would come purely for the grounds but with all fantastic animal experiences on top there is so much to do – you could come time and again and never get bored. Our favourite bits have to be feeding the seals from the boat, the crazy monkey drive through and getting drenched in the water park before heading home.

Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury tor 2

Glastonbury Tor was only 10 minutes from where we staying so we decided to head out for a walk up. It will forever be memorable because poor Master E was recovering from a skateboarding injury and I know he’ll one day delight in telling the tale of how his mean Mummy half dragged him up with a knee ligament injury – it’ll probably be a broken leg in the retelling! I think even he would say the walk was well worth the effort for the stunning 360-degree view for miles around. Just like Stonehenge, there’s a magical feel of peace up here as you stand on the ancient ‘isle’ of Avalon and contemplate all who have walked this path beforehand whether it be on a journey of spiritual discovery or just to walk the dog.

‘And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains green?
And was the Holy Lamb of God 
On England’s pleasant pastures seen?’
William Blake, Jerusalem

Zafira travel

The journey home in the Zafira was really comfortable, we really appreciate the extra touches for comfort in the family car. In front of the passenger seat beneath the dashboard, I had a small shelf, just a small detail but so useful. I’m always looking for somewhere to put my phone so it’s still in reach and this is it. Between the front row seats, the adjustable storage and cup holders are a brilliant idea both practical and innovative but do make it impossible not to stop at a Starbucks drive through on the M4! With OnStar WIFI on board, the journey home was also very peaceful with children that were very tired from a wonderful adventure happily streaming their favourite films.

~ Thanks to Vauxhall for loaning us the Zafira for our journey ~