Fun learning with Reading Eggs...

Fun learning with Reading Eggs…

Recently we were invited to trial Reading Eggs and I must admit that at first, I was hesitant as I often have been at educational learning programmes. This is not because I dispute their value, I just prefer the children take time learning and experiencing things away from screens and so don’t tend to encourage them to do anything on them. The Reading Eggs trial came at the ideal time though with the children breaking up for the summer holidays and therefore not coming home with age appropriate text from school, it would be a handy resource to have on hand. Fifi, in particular, is really at a point where she needs to keep up her practice to master what she’s learnt.

reading eggs screen

So I signed up for the 2-week free trial and it was refreshingly straight forward and only needed minimal details inputting. Once registered you can go through a parental walk through to learn what’s what around the dashboard and even view some of the sample lessons. There are lots of resources, lessons and games to access but navigating through them is really simple.

Reading Eggs free trial

Having added the two younger children and worked out what I was doing, I let Fifi have a go, sitting with her whilst she took the placement test to determine what lesson she should start on. She was placed on map 2 and in her first lesson was learning the ‘n’ sound. Funnily enough, because I do allow her such little time on the computer her first obstacle was to master the mouse. The first stage of the lesson helped with this because she had to click on the ‘n’ as it moved around the screen.

Reading eggs free trial

Having mastered this, she began to move through the levels with ease, there are 12 stages in each lesson before moving along the map to the next. As she practised she earnt eggs which can be used to purchase items to decorate your avatar and his home a feature that Fifi was delighted by.

Reading Eggs free trial

Her siblings were soon attracted to come and see what she was doing and whilst Madam enjoyed coaching her through, Cian was eager for a turn himself. Aged seven his reading was advanced past the Reading Eggs programme for 3-7 year olds but there are two more programmes; Reading Eggspress for 7-13 and Mathseeds aged 3-8. He took the placement test for Reading Eggspress which focuses on comprehension, grammar and vocabulary.

Reading eggs 7 year olds

Because he is a little more able, I then printed out the lesson sheets that corresponded with what Fifi had been doing and left him to it for a little while. Quite sometime later I realised he was still upstairs happily reading to him and was quite converted to the idea of learning programmes. Often I don’t encourage them to screen time because I feel they spend too much time playing games on computers as it is but if they’re quite happy to substitute a game for a ‘learning game’ that can only be a bonus!

Reading eggs laptop

Fifi found the laptop easier to use than the mouse on the PC and the fact this can be used in multiple locations is a huge bonus because Cian didn’t want to move from my desk upstairs!


I really don’t have any real criticisms of the system one follower on my Instagram noted that her daughter found it wasn’t always clear what the images were which I must say is something I’ve often found on various learning resources. We found on Reading Eggs there is often a sound button over the image which you can press and be told what the image is which is very helpful.

reading eggs worksheets

I’m really pleased I trialled Reading Eggs because it really has changed my mind about the potential benefits of this programme. I can see this will be an enjoyable way for Fifi to practising her reading skills both during holidays and maybe on the occasional term-time weekend. Both the younger children are asking to ‘play’ Reading Eggs again and I’d much prefer this is how they spend their screen time.

If you’re interested in trying out Reading Eggs for yourself then use my link which will give you 4 weeks free trial!

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