Cars 3 mack carrier

It’s On, Cars 3…

From the very first teaser trailers, we were so excited when we learned of the release of Cars 3!


This has been both my boys favourite at one time or another, with both of them just being tiny tots when the first and second films released. It was also our go-to choice to put on at Cian’s nap time, so we did wonder how much of it he’d really seen before dozing off.

‘McQueen with wings’ was one of the first Christmas presents E wished for and he has been joined by many more Cars merchandise: including clothing, a giant cushion and a very successful pull back and go car. To celebrate the newest release, we added to our family almost the entire Cars 3 family.

Mack Die Cast Trailer, Cars 3

Mack Die Cast Carrier drove in from the Disney Store with eight of the familiar characters even though Lightning McQueen looks a little different. Cian added to this one of the new characters, bringing Jackson Storm home with him from our trip to Disneyland Paris!

McQueen’s odd appearance is a clue to the film’s storyline, where, following a major wipe out and struggling to keep up with the streamlined rookie vehicles, Lightning McQueen fights to keep in the sport he loves.

Cars 3 Die Cast

We went to the Gala Screening last weekend for Madam’s birthday; we knew we’d find it nostalgic but the film itself is also full of nostalgia with some lovely flashbacks. It follows McQueen on a journey of self-discovery as he tries to get himself race ready.

Cars 3 screening

For our own race, we propped up an old table on just one side to create a ramp to slide the cars down. Taped out the track, selected our vehicles and got ready for speed…

Madam chose old timer, Sarge and good old reliable Mater, they might not have the speed but make up for it in loyalty and reliability. Fifi chose the solid partnership of Flo and Ramone, whilst Cian chose both Jackson Storm and Lightning McQueen, uniting current enemies.

cars 3 race

On your marks…

Cars 3, on your marks

Get Set…

Cars 3 Get set


Cars 3 Go

Randomly, even on our test track, the two racing cars tended to win most the time. It would seem that even microform, there’s much to be said for aerodynamics.

The film is full of fantastic quality animation and beautiful scenes, it focuses on determination and believing in yourself and we loved every minute!

Cars 3 Win

Cars 3 is released in cinemas nationwide on 14th July and Mack and co and lots of other fantastic Cars 3 toys are available at the Disney Store now!

~ Collaboration with the Disney Store ~