festival fun at camp bestival

Ready for festival fun at Camp Bestival…

With just over 2 weeks until Camp Bestival, we are really beginning to get excited! It will be Family Four Fun’s first visit after watching the fun with slightly green eyes for several years on social media. Now we’re there for a big’un though because it’s the 10th anniversary and there really is a full and exciting line-up.

To get an idea of some of the amazing entertainment the organisers have put together have a look at our post, Loads of fun at Camp Bestival. On top of all of that, they’ve just announced many more names in comedy with over 10 comedians added to join headliner Reginald D Hunter.

They also added teen-only area, The Den where amongst other things they’ll be hosting workshops in DIY Festival Fashion and real experts in glitter, Dust and Dance will be showing you how to embellish with style. I know just a few parents who may need to be kicked out of this kids only zone when they hear about this!

Camp Bestival Teens

At least whilst the teens are entertained there we can pretend to be cultured with The Literary Institue, featuring Hurrah for Gin, Dress Like a Mum and The Secret Mummies wine club.

We’re not looking forward to any one thing more than another yet and just can’t wait to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere and celebrate the end of term both with some great friends and together as a family.


Be Prepared:

The what to pack panic is now on and very real. Luckily as regular campers, the tent and equipment are mainly sorted and it’s just the non-essential festival extras like sequins, glitter and all things metallic that now need to be added.

I’ve been working from Rock ‘n’ Roller Baby, a veteran Camp Bestival visitor’s tips and tricks for the festival and putting together a few must haves of my own.

A large bag:

Something bright and colourful like this tote-bag from Esprit would be ideal! It needs to be spacious enough to be pre-packed with all the small essentials you need when heading into the arena for the day. So far on this list and ready to be added to this bag, I have; wet wipes, antibacterial handwash, sunglasses, camera, water, snacks, my usual handbag bits and bobs and of course glitter! This bag zips up and has a magnetic clasp which is reassuring that it’ll be secure and the straps look just long enough to pop over your shoulder making it easy to carry even when packed full of stuff the kids have offloaded on you.

festival fun bag, esprit

A bum bag:

There’s a very pretty smaller bag which could double as a purse to match this tote but I’ve opted for a nice bright bum bag to keep my valuables secure. It also keeps my phone to hand for all the photos, rather than having to dig around in a huge tote to find it.

festival fun bum bag, Topshop

A picnic blanket: 

I recently read about this beautiful Weaver Green blanket on N4mummy’s blog from & Keep and think it would be perfect for the job. Amazingly, it looks and feels like wool but is made from approximately 50 recycled plastic bottles which is awesome. This also makes it, easy to clean, stain and mold resistant and perfect for allergy sufferers because moths won’t eat them and dust mites won’t live in them – what’s not to love!

fun festival picnic blanket

The camp:

You can go so big or small with the tent and all the accessories you chose to bring to set up your camp. The things that we would suggest to add to the experience are; a couple of chairs because you get sick of sitting on the ground and comfortable camp mats because you’ll get far more enjoyment from the day without backache!

A healthy breakfast:


We’re delighted to have been invited to join Dorset Cereals at the festival, so can’t wait to visit them for a healthy start to our day. Dorset Cereals are a lovely family brand, local to Camp Bestival but they’ve also visited a few other family festivals this year, like Wychwood and Cornbury to ensure families are well fed and ready for fun! Dorset Cereals have a wide variety of different flavoured, muesli, granola and porridge and as well as serving those delicious goodies will also be hosting fun activities to get involved in.

We can’t wait to see you there!