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Summer Holiday Style for Dad…

With the kid’s holidays just around the corner, most of you are probably busy shopping for new clothes for everyone, including dad. With the men often a little trickier to buy for, I thought that a summer fashion post focusing on menswear might prove handy for many of you.

Smart chinos and comfortable jeans

Given the fact that the weather is still so changeable it makes sense to pack at least one pair of jeans or chinos. As you can see here tapered chinos are set to be a strong look for the remainder of 2017. Most retailers have opted to include this cut in their collections. As you would expect taupe and beige are the main colours, but it is nice to see them available in blue, grey, black, green and even red tones. Having so much colour choice means that it easy for you to find a pair that works well with the clothes that you already own.

Trousers for Dad

Jeans are also a good option for a holiday. They are particularly comfortable for travelling. This year’s slightly baggier cuts mean that you can easily wear a pair of shorts under them. That way when you arrive in a hot destination, all you need to do is to slip to the toilets to take the jeans off and be comfortable,


This year, shorts come in a wide range of styles. For a holiday, swim shorts are a particularly good option. They can be worn for days out as well as on the beach, or by the pool. If your man is planning to wear them in this way, be sure to buy the kind that has pockets. That way he will have somewhere to put his phone, cash and keys.

Shorts for Dad

Polo shirts

For 2017, retro sportswear is a big trend, which is one reason so many men´s retailers are selling classic polo shirts again. They look good on men of all ages and the fact that they fall into the smart casual category makes them a particularly good option for a holiday. Polo shirts look great with shorts when worn with a pair of chinos, perhaps for a meal out in the evening.

Polo shirts for Dad


T-shirts can be rolled up nice and tight without creasing too much. Therefore, you can fit quite a few of them in a case. This year, print tees are the main trend.

T-Shirts for Dad

Footwear options

For a holiday, your choice of footwear is especially important. Most of us spend more time on our feet than normal, so really need our feet to be as comfortable as possible. For the journey, a pair of minimalist trainers is a good choice. They look quite smart and because they are closed in they are an ideal option if it is raining when you leave home. Provided you buy a pair that is made from a material that allows your feet to breathe properly they can also be worn on your holiday. They are a particularly good option if you are planning to enjoy cycling, riding, hiking or activities, while you are away.

Shoes FOR Dads

To make sure that you remember to take buy and take everything you need, I recommend downloading this packing list. It is specifically written for men, so should cover most of the bases.

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