family holidays the whole gang will love

Brilliant family holidays the whole gang will love…

Everyone loves a family holiday – there’s nothing better than bringing everyone along for a lavish getaway. But how about straying from the norm and trying somewhere new? Here are just a few of the places you may not have considered that are perfect for a family trip.

Bali, Indonesia 

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Although Bali is usually thought of as a hotspot for solo travellers, it doubles as the perfect family destination – especially if you’re heading to Kuta. The island’s most popular town is bursting with activities and sights that you’ll all love, ranging from the famed beach to the Waterbom water park.

And, as Bali is such a small island (part of the Indonesian archipelago), it doesn’t take long to see it all. The Secret Traveller recommends the Treetop Adventure Park in the island’s centre, where your little ones can traverse the courses full of ziplines, rope swings and obstacles for their inner Tarzan.

Walt Disney World, Florida

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It goes without saying that a trip to Walt Disney World is on every family’s wish list. What are you waiting for? You’ll be lost in pure, unadulterated fun as you explore the several parks in the area, from the fairytale utopia of Magic Kingdom to the glitz and glam of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

And, as it’s Disney, you’ll find a mix of big and little thrills for a perfect balance. Whilst the little ones might want to sail through the famed It’s A Small World, you can unleash your inner child upon the exhilarating Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Disney do theme parks better than anyone, making it feel like an experience rather than a holiday.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

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For a different kind of family holiday, why not opt for a safari getaway? Kruger Park in South Africa is arguably the best place for it – being one of the largest game reserves in Africa, you can expect to see an abundance of animals roaming in the wild, from huge African elephants to majestic lions.

There are plenty of ways to traverse the thousands of acres of land here, too. Whether you’re hiking or driving across the plains you can expect to see hundreds of different species, with a backdrop of beautiful horizons all around. And the accommodation is just as exciting, with lodges offering a genuine feel of Africa.

Galle, Sri Lanka

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It’s a little-known destination for travellers and families alike, but The Telegraph’s John Gimlette describes Galle in Sri Lanka as a child’s perfect holiday, what with its beaches, a castle, elephants and even a sprinkle of magic. And he isn’t lying – the “magic” is more just a strong belief in spirituality that runs throughout the town.

The elephants here are perhaps the biggest draw, with hundreds of them roaming freely in the nearby Udawalawe national park. That’s not the only wildlife you’ll be able to see in the wild, either, what with everything from crocodiles to exotic birds coexisting together.

Hoi An, Vietnam

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Choose to visit Hoi An for a family trip that’s more laid back than the usual. The sleepy Vietnam town is renowned for its food, the friendly locals and the dreamy landscapes. Head out of the centre of the town to see farmers growing the food you’ll likely be consuming a few days later.

And you’ll be spoilt for choice deciding just what to consume here in Hoi An. Although your kids might have the typical dreaded fussiness that usually limits their choice of cuisine, they’ll be enchanted by the fragrant dishes served up by local chefs and street vendors, from tasting places to a traditional bowl of caulao noodles.

Sicily, Italy

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Take a break from the norm of a Roman holiday and head to the wondrous island of Sicily instead. The landscape here is stunning, and the kids will likely be fascinated by the smoking volcano that towers tall in the background. That’s not to mention the beaches off of its jagged coasts, with inviting turquoise waters lapping gently at the shore.

There’s a wealth of historical value to be found throughout Sicily, too. Head deep into the island to find magnificent cathedrals and aged old towns complete with traditional stone architecture. And, of course, if you’re an active family, don’t hesitate to trek up to the crater of Mount Etna, the aforementioned volcano.

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