Fun uses for cardboard boxes...

Fun uses for cardboard boxes…

So you’ve moved house and now you’re surrounded by empty cardboard boxes, making your efforts of unpacking seem less impressive than they really are. In the event that you’ve paid good money for these boxes, you probably want to make the most out of them before putting them in the recycling. Especially if you’ve got enough of them to warrant finding a removals company just to get rid of them.
Here are some fun family ideas for ways to use those boxes before getting rid of them for good – fun for those summer days that aren’t as sunny as promised. Have fun!

Cardboard Boxes

Give it to the cat
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you’ll have seen all over the internet that cats love boxes – give a cat a box and it’ll be happy for a long time. You don’t even need to do anything to the box most of the time, they’ll just sit in it and look around like they’ve got their own little castle. If it’s a small box – even funnier, as they’ll do their best to squish themselves in there and resulting in YouTube gold! If, in the rare event that the cat isn’t interested, try the ‘whack-a-mole’ game where you cut out holes in the top of the box for your fingers to poke through and watch your cat try it’s hardest to catch them (watch out for scratches!)


Make a fort
This is an obvious one, but a real classic for adults and children and still absolutely worth mentioning! Combine with blankets and throws for ultimate protection against enemies, and hook onto sofas for longer length forts with multiple levels and extra comfort. Bonus points if the fort is near a plug socket so you can create your own exclusive cinema – watching a film in a ‘secret’ den is much more fun than watching a film normally.

Cardboard Box Village

Robot Costume
If there’s a fancy dress party coming up soon, consider using the boxes to make a costume. This could range from the easier characters (think Wall-E or a Rubix cube – only one box required) to the more complicated ones like Transformers or robots with multiple moving parts. With Halloween soon to come around, have a brainstorm, get the paints out and let your creativity flow!


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Make a baby box
If you’ve got a newborn or one on the way, you could try making a baby box. In Finland in 1930, new mothers were given baby boxes in an attempt to cut down the infant mortality rate. They’ve now become a bit of a trend in the UK, with several companies selling beautifully decorated boxes filled with useful items for babies and their parents. Mothercare now exclusively stock similar boxes by the mattress company Eve Sleep or you could even create and design one yourself to give away at a baby shower filled with nappies, blankets and toys and for a unique and useful gift.

Baby box by Eve Sleep at Mothercare

Baby box by Eve Sleep at Mothercare

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