Mini Ninja Classes at Yo! Sushi...

Mini Ninja Classes at Yo! Sushi…

Ethan really is fascinated by all things Japanese and a visit there last year only further ingrained this adoration. Therefore, when I heard Yo! Sushi were hosting Mini Ninja, Sushi making school at a number of their branches I knew this would be right up his street.

Yo Sushi Mini Ninja

It’s not easy finding activities to satisfy a 12-year-old boy and harder still to find indoor ones. We most certainly chose the right day, because this morning the heavens had opened and the roads turned to rivers so it was lovely to escape inside and sit down in the warmth and comfort of their leather booths.

The lessons take place just before general opening at 11am so the children felt extra special being allowed in under the shutters as the staff prepared the dishes for the day around them. The children were greeted by Duane who talked them through the 3 types of sushi they would be creating…

  • Cool as a Cucumber Maki
  • California Sunshine Handroll
  • Scrummy Salmon Nigiri

Yo Sushi Sushi School

I could see Duane’s manner had the children immediately at ease because they were happy to engage and ask questions. He did so well pitching the lesson to suit them all because he had the entire age group catered for, with my children aged from 5 to 12 and another boy who was probably 9 or 10.


Cian decided to be awkward from the start and announce he didn’t like cucumber; I’m not even sure if this is true but apparently it was on that day. Duane handled this brilliantly and whilst I thought he should roll it with just rice, he found something he did like (tuna) and allowed him to create his own custom ‘cool as Cian Maki’!

Whilst the older children rolled their own and with his slow and clear instructions did a fantastic job; Duane helped the younger two roll their Maki and they were so proud of their creations.

Yo Sushi 4

After each piece was complete, we were given time to eat a few and enjoy juice and water but the children were quite eager to save theirs and create a smart box like they’d begun to see circling on the conveyors.

The conveyors make Yo! Sushi so exciting for the children, I love how it not only inspires their interest in Japan but encourages them to try different foods too. After the Maki we made California hand roll which required a different technique and once the avocado and crab were rolled together ice-cream cone style it was irresistible not to gobble it down!

yo sushi school

Finally, for the salmon Nigiri and to make this much more exciting, Duane brought out extra bits of prawn, tuna, and seaweed. Whilst he demonstrated what they might like to do, he allowed the children to come up with their own creations.

Yo Sushi

I really was so impressed by the way Duane was with the children, especially as educator obviously isn’t the primary role in his position. It’s not easy to hold the attention of 5 excited children, yet he had them enraptured. At the end, they loved receiving their boxed up sushi, in goody bags with a certificate of completion.

For £15 each they were entertained for an hour, had food and drink and plenty to take-away for later and show off to impressed relatives. Sushi-school and Mini-Ninjas can be booked online at the Yo! Sushi website it’s a really fun activity that we highly recommend and would be great for a party too.