Refreshing a Child’s Bedroom on a Budget...

Refreshing a Child’s Bedroom on a Budget…

The trouble with kids is that they grow out of things so quickly. Clothes are an obvious example, but also toys, games, books – you name it, and it’s the most loved and used thing one day, and forgotten in a corner the next.

One of the most awkward areas here is in the bedroom itself. Completely decking it out with an In the Night Garden or Peppa Pig theme might seem like a great idea at the time, but these things only appeal for a limited time. If you have more than one child sharing a room, the problem is doubled!

But you don’t have to completely redecorate the room every six months to keep it relevant. Here are some ideas to keep the room looking fresh, without spending huge amounts of time and money.

Bedspreads and pillowcases

The focal point of the bedroom is, reasonably enough, the bed. There is a huge choice of children’s duvet cover sets available, featuring everything from princesses to farmyard animals. Perfect to keep the room reflecting your little one’s latest passions.

glamping duvet

Glamping Duvet Set

An impromptu art gallery

All it takes is a length of string and some pegs, and your child can proudly display all his or her most recent artwork on the wall. And it can be changed as often as you like, as long as the genius keeps creating! You can also add print outs of family photos or even pictures from favourite books or TV shows.

Cube storage

Affordable, practical and flexible. If you like the sound of those three words for bedroom décor, then cube storage is definitely the way forward. It is easy to keep clean, provides a great way of storing all your child’s treasured possessions and lends an ever changing landscape of what is on display from one week to the next.

Handbridge Storage Cube from Store

Handbridge Storage Cube from Store

Wall stickers

Here’s a neat idea. A plain white wall can be transformed with wall stickers, that come in a huge range of designs and colours. They are cheap to buy, simple to put up, and when they become old hat, you can simply peel them off and replace with something new.

Family wall sticker from Kidscapes

Family wall sticker from Kidscapes

A giant chalkboard

There is something about kids that always makes them eager to write on walls. Why not concede to the inevitable, and paint one wall in chalkboard paint? A box of chalks and your youngster will be able to pursue endless artistic opportunities. And best of all, you can wipe it down at the end of the day! 

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