persil powergems

Tackling summer stains with Persil Powergems…

Summer holidays are always a time for lots of indoor, outdoor and when kids are involved, often messy fun!! Whilst trying not to complain too much about the weather, it feels this year we’ve had more than our fair share of mud…

Muddy festival

Camp Bestival 2017

We were prepared for Camp Bestival with face paints, glitter and thank goodness the clean up too after Mother Nature threw her very best wet and windy weather our way.

family four fun dog

Things didn’t get cleaner afterwards either, with a friend’s dog to look after there were lots of excuses for great outdoors adventures too. Add to the usual four child fun, doggy drool and muddy paws and I was ever so grateful to be trialling NEW Persil Powegems.


The revolutionary gems provide triple action stain removal, care and long lasting freshness in a small concentrated dose of detergent. They are added directly to the drum so they are dispersed directly throughout the wash cycle.

I have really been impressed with the results and really like that they are delivered by a single product, previously having to add a separate stain remover to each wash to get close. Not only was the huge pile of muddy washing I did post Camp Bestival spotless; it also smelled wonderful.

IMG_2462They leave the clothes fresh and feeling wonderfully soft and in really good condition. They also passed the ultimate test, which I wouldn’t actually recommend! However, after splashing my favourite white t-shirt with hair dye I quickly and immediately rushed it into a wash with these and to my shock and delight, it came out clean!

Persil’s motto is ‘Dirt is Good’, this is something I’ve always tried to embrace but I must admit with armed with this cleaning power I am just a little more relaxed about it. So we’re looking forward to lots more summer holiday fun whether it’s outdoors or a bit of rainy day cooking and crafting!


~ Thanks to Persil for sending us the Powergems, in return for our honest opinion. ~