Chatty Charlie the Barkin Beagle

Chatty Charlie the Barkin’ Beagle…

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited for a behind the scenes look around Battersea Dogs and Cats home. I literally jumped at the chance because the children are incredibly interested in the idea of a pet at the moment so I felt it would be a brilliant way to give them an insight into the commitment involved.

We were invited by Hasbro who have partnered with Battersea Dogs and Cats home to help highlight the brilliant work done by rescue centres like Battersea and the importance of considering a rescue dog when looking for your own furry friend.


The children were taken through the journey a dog will go through from arrival at Battersea, right through to finding their forever home. As they went round they filled out a questionnaire, testing their knowledge on all they’d learned.

Chatty Charlie Battersea Dogs

When a dog arrives they are settled into the kennels, they have several blocks and although the bars make them look slightly unfriendly they are warm and hygienic; each with their own tap and underfloor heating. New dogs are often understandably nervous so are given lots of treats and toys to help them settle.


Dogs are groomed and checked over by a vet.


At each stage of this process, staff are documenting their likes and dislikes anything that may frighten them and so more, this allows them to develop a profile of where the dog is best rehomed.


When the dog is settled and has passed through Battersea’s set of tests, they are ready to find their forever home. We looked at the beautiful dogs looking for families, what surprised me most is how many appeared to be full breeds. We saw Greyhounds, Beagles, a Husky and a Chihuahua, I had assumed most rescue dogs would be mixed breeds this did not seem the case when we were there. I think it’s worth knowing if you’re looking for a particular breed, you don’t need to rule out adoption. Better still, Battersea’s experts will be able to suggest the right dog or breed to suit your circumstances.


On this particular visit, Chatty Charlie the Barkin’ Beagle was the perfect companion for us and we took him home to learn more about him. Chatty Charlie is super soft and he likes to talk, he says over 80 phrases. Luckily he comes with a magical, light up collar that translates his barks to speech so we know what he’s thinking. He’s a loving dog and is fitting in perfectly, he likes to play peek-a-boo with his cute floppy ears and like any dog wags his tail to show he’s happy. He responds to sound and touch so loves a good cuddle!

Chatty Charlie

Chatty Charlie is part of the Fur Real range from Hasbro available at all good toy stores and is priced around £60.