ko club wagamama

Ko Club at Wagamama…

I must admit to being a terrible latecomer to Wagamama when they first started popping up everywhere I didn’t really know what kind of food they served and for some reason was hesitant to find out. It was my husband that insisted that I’d love it and convinced me to go with him for a meal. I was immediately converted and it has since become my very favourite place to grab a meal out.

For people that may be like me and don’t know Wagamama the theme is Japanese Inspired, their restaurants are uber cool, yet casual. Things that put me off slightly like the canteen style benches and relaxed serving style (they bring meals out when they’re ready and not necessarily together) have become the things that now attract me to it.

kids chopsticks wagamama

I love Wagamama for all occasions but it particularly tops my list when it comes to family dining and they really want fast food but I want them to have something healthy and filling. Wagamama is in a sense fast food, the atmosphere is relaxed and most importantly the children love it. They love the size and presentation of the child’s portions and in particular, the child’s style chopsticks – this novelty always has them finishing everything on their plate.


We were invited to the newly refurbished Wagamama in Covent Garden to try out a meal with their brand new Ko Club, kids activity pack. This branch is large and beautifully done, it has booths around the outside with the usual benches in the middle. I always find we get a warm welcome at Wagamama from friendly and knowledgeable staff.

ko club wagamama

This time we were lead to our table where the children were given a Ko Club pack and some colours. This was a real winner with the children, on one side it has a standard colouring picture but it also has puzzles, some simple Japanese words to learn and the real winner – origami to make.


It was lovely to have something to keep the kids entertained longer and meant I could take just a moment longer to enjoy the few bits of chilli squid the children were gracious enough to leave me and delightfully colourful Raisukaree.


The children all went for Chicken Katsu Curry which is their usual choice although myself and my eldest son love the variety at Wagamama and try and choose something different each time – the little ones are creatures of habit! The variety in Wagamama’s menu is really fantastic, they’re always releasing new recipes, keeping things interesting but even the old favourites would keep us coming back time after time!


~ Wagamama kindly treated us to a complimentary meal in return for our honest opinion ~