Num Noms Series 4 Launch

Series 4 Num Noms Launch…

Last weekend we were invited to a party to celebrate the launch of the 4th series of Num Noms. Num Noms are little food-themed ‘blind bag’ style surprise collectable toys which my children are utterly loopy about so we jumped at the chance! The party was held at All Star Lanes on Brick Lane and was quite an affair…

all start lanes, brick lane

The penthouse of All Star Lanes had been entirely transformed into a Num Noms paradise, there were Num Noms everywhere you looked and it was the perfect chance to get a really hands-on look at the collection.


The children settled down to try out the Num Noms Nail Polish maker which was the real star of the show and bound to be on many a little girl’s Xmas list. The Nail Polish maker contains 3 colours and allows them to mix their own scents. It comes with cute Num Nom shaped nail polish bottles and over 50 nail decal stickers.

Num Noms nail polish maker

Whilst they were admiring that, us bigger kids got the chance to enjoy a real manicure. Someone brought me over a wonderful Latte in a huge cup at the same time – such a treat! There were so many treats to be had with Num Nom milkshakes, mini-bites and a whole pick ‘n’ mix bar!

pick n mix num noms

The children were almost entirely adorned Num Nom style, with painted nails, sparkly face paint and rings from the Num Noms flashing collection. These were my children’s favourite part in the current series; contained in one carton is a flashing base, Num Nom to place on top and ring to attach.

Fifi even kept hers on whilst doing a fantastic job of painting but was convinced to take it off to bowl!

biscuit decorating

We left and although you’d think we’d have had our fill of Num Noms the children were only hungry for more. They were lucky enough to get a large selection of them in their goodie bags and loved telling me about how rare each one was.

Because we love sharing with you too, we brought home an extra goodie bag to bring some of the Num Noms, Series 4 party fun to one reader. Just enter your details into the Gleam widget below before 10th October to be in the draw.

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Photos credit: Simon Jacobs

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