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Trolls Fun on Now TV…

Recently the children were treated to a Trolltastic makeover at the Troll Salon in Shoreditch. We were invited to celebrate the launch of the film on NOW TV’s Sky Cinema.

Troll Salon Now TV

It was a lovely morning where I got to sit and catch up with some of my blogging buddies, Ruth and Jacinta whilst the smaller children sat captivated by the film. Madam and her partner in crime, Jayden, on the other hand, were busy cooing over the dogs of Stephanie Pratt and generally star-spotting. It would seem that Trolls is not just a family fave but also loved by celebs, with Amy Childs, Michelle Heaton, Imogen Thomas and Linda Robson all in attendance too.

NowTV Celebs

The salon’s stylists offered free candy-coloured makeovers, inspired by three of the films beloved troll characters. Guests could pick from Poppy’s positively pink look, Smidge’s luscious blue locks or Guy Diamond’s glitterific get-up.


I got a Fabulous Fifi, Colourific Cian and Madam went for a slightly more modest but rather stunning neon glow and with hair as fabulous as hers, you don’t need a troll wig..!

Neon Facepaint

If you fancy a similar style and want to create the totally troll-some look at home, NOW TV has teamed up with award-winning face paint professionals to make a simple, step-by-step Troll tutorial. Professional face painter, Susie Hillman, shows you how to recreate the Poppy look, step-by-step, detail by detail, meaning you can try out your very own trollsformations on Trolls both big and small.

The Trolls movie is now available on TV streaming service NOW TV with a Sky Cinema Pass, available for £9.99, contract free.

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