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5 Ways to Make Your Camping Trip Really Fun..!

As a child, there is something very exciting about going on a family camping trip. From exploring the campsite and surrounding areas to going on an adventure trail with your dad to find a grizzly bear, it’s an experience that builds memories and skills that will last a lifetime. There are, however, parts of the camping trip that children may find boring, such as the cooking period when you’re consumed in the meal prep and have no time to play tag and so on. Here are the 5 best ways to make your camping trip fun and exciting, keeping your kids happy throughout!

Scavenger Hunts
No camping trip is quite complete without a roaring fire to keep you warm, and of course to toast your marshmallows on. Before you can have a fire, however, you need to ensure you have the right materials to do so, which is where your little ones come in. Gather the troops and set them the task of hunting down the very best sticks and twigs surrounding the area for you to use to get your fire going. This will not only keep them entertained for a good half an hour, but it will get their minds going and encourage them to be alert and really focus on the task at hand. They will then feel really proud when the fire is going and they can say that they helped to create that!

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Slip N’ Slide Fun
When the sun is shining and you’re surrounded by nothing but open fields and beautiful green grass, it would be silly to pass on the opportunity to create a fantastic water slide for the kiddies. Whilst the inflatable water slides may cost a small fortune from the local toy shop, there is one piece of camping equipment that will do the job perfectly, and you’ll probably have it in the car for other uses throughout the trip too. This mysterious item is your tarpaulin sheet, which is one of the most effective materials to create your very own Slip N’ Slide with. All you need is your tarpaulin, some water and towels to dry off with at the end. Position your tarp away from any tent pitches, as you don’t want to flood out the tents with the water from the slide, and get the water flowing down the sheet to create the perfect slide. This is a great way to keep your little ones happy, whilst also encouraging them to play with the other children on the campsite, getting everyone together for a fantastic camping experience.

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Learning to Skim
Travelling to a beautiful lake with a gorgeous beach covered in stones and rocks gives you the perfect excuse to teach your kids how to skim. Skimming rocks is a very satisfying skill, watching the rocks jump across the water and create little ripples as they go. Show your children the perfect type of skimming rock, one with smooth sides and a rounded face, and let them search around for their own pile to skim with. You can then show them the skilled art of skimming their rocks, by flicking the rock or stone across the water, in just the right way, to get that perfect hop. This is one of the most memorable things that can come from a camping trip, teaching them something that they will enjoy doing for many years to come, remembering the day they learnt exactly how to skim a rock!

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Tasty Camping Treats
You can’t go on an adventurous camping trip without eating lots of toasted marshmallows and lots of melted chocolate. Using some sticks from the surrounding area of the campsite, grab a selection of marshmallows and stick them to the end of each stick. You can then sit by the fire, keeping warm and snug, whilst you watch your delicious marshmallow melt, creating the perfect evening snack. For extra deliciousness, use a small pan on the camping stove to melt some chocolate, giving you the perfect dip for your toasted marshmallows.

Adventurer’s Journal
Throughout the camping trip, your little ones will be experiencing new things, learning new skills, making great memories and having lots of fun. By keeping an adventurers journal, they can keep a record of all of the wonderful things that they do, as well as what they’ve learnt and enjoyed the most. This is a great way to keep your children focused, encouraging them to think about what they’ve enjoyed throughout the camping trip, whilst also giving them something that contains lots of fun memories and experiences that they can look back on in years to come.

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