Light up your back to school mornings with Lumie...

Light up your back to school mornings with Lumie…

I love the October half-term, it’s the perfect chance to break and reconvene after getting back into the swing of school routines after the summer holidays. We usually take the days slowly, spending lots of time outdoors whilst it’s still mild enough, then following this up with an equal amount of time warming up again on the sofa. The lead up to Halloween starts to get the children excited for celebrations to come whilst the days start to cool and the nights close in as we head towards winter.

Often when we return to school after the half-term, we suddenly find ourselves waking in the dark!

I’m not a morning person and never have been. I’m really not sure anything short of a personality transplant will change that however, I have found a few things that make getting up easier. Much of it is mind over matter, so telling you I’m not a morning person isn’t exactly helpful. I’ve been going to bed trying not to dread the idea of getting up again and thinking positively about the day to come.

I’ve wanted to try a Lumie Bodyclock for some time and see if it’s possible that a light which mimics the dawn by slowly becoming brighter will help me to wake more naturally. The thought is that waking to this natural light will help regulate your natural sleep patterns, in turn improving mood, energy and quality of sleep.

The Bodyclock Luxe which I was trialling can also be used as a bedside light and has a radio and music player with the most current model having just been upgraded to a DAB radio! It can also play music from your smart device via Bluetooth and has a USB port. All these things have helped to contribute to me enjoying an entirely more relaxing sleep routine.


I have learnt that it’s not beneficial to look at your phone screen before sleep but often use it to play relaxing music, unfortunately having the new iPhone I can’t always listen (via headphones) if it’s charging. Using the Lumie Bodyclock, I can charge my phone and listen to music on headphones via the light. Simultaneously, I can set the light to mimic sunset, so I spend some time winding down and relaxing.

In the morning the light slowly brightens over a period of half an hour and although I wouldn’t say it’s made me a morning person, it’s made the mornings so much brighter! Waking to a warm glow beside me with time to come round has most definitely improved my mood and the way I feel about getting up.


Lumie has been based on clinical trials and is thought to help sufferers of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and winter blues, something I have often suspected affects me. Lumie stock a variety of lights and Bodyclocks which used in combination can be the perfect way to improve this condition.


Now brand new to the Lumie range is the Bedbug, the perfect night light for settling your child to sleep. Similar to the Bodyclock Luxe, it can be set to a sunset pattern to fade, either off or for those more fearful of the dark, a dim nightlight. If you need to check on your child during the night, the bedbug is perfect to use, illuminating with a gentle light which will not interrupt the sleep pattern as turning on a bright light can.

More information and up to date prices can be found on the Lumie website.