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The Perfect Gift Choices for New Dads …

Whilst the mother may be the one who carries the child for 9 months, the father is the one who holds things together, giving mum a foot massage when her ankles swell or cooking her favourite dinner then running to the shop when she has a sudden craving for something extremely random. It’s important to give dads just as much credit when it comes to a newborn, and here are a selection of the best gifts to give a new dad to congratulate and thank him for all that he does.

Dad-Friendly Changing Bag
The moment any mum tobe finds out that they’re expecting, the planning begins straight away. They need to ensure they have a stylish pram that matches with the changing bag, and this can quite often be a very girly feature. You often see dads trying to cram everything they need into a smaller bag to make their life a little easier, meaning they don’t have to carry a huge, girly bag around with them wherever they go. Well, this isn’t the most practical approach, so gifting a new dad with his own changing bag is the perfect solution. This way they’ll have the perfect size bag, with all the necessary compartments and features to make their day easier to handle. It’ll also help to keep mums changing bag in good condition too!

Matching Clothing
There’s something about matching clothing items that make everyone’s hearts melt. Whether it’s Daddy in a top that says ‘Genius’ and baby in a top that says, ‘Mini Genius’, or you have something comical like ‘I’m the Dad’ and ‘I’m the boss’, you can gift some really cute and humorous items to put a smile on their face. Matching clothing is also the perfect gift for creating some adorable family photographs, that can be looked back on in many years to come.

Father and Child, Player One and Two T-Shirts from Amazon

Father and Child, Player One and Two T-Shirts from Amazon

Personalised Gifts
Sometimes the best gift you can give is one that is personal and meaningful. It’s so easy to pop to the shop and buy something straight from the shelves, but putting some time and effort into your gift will mean a whole lot more to the receiver. Personalised gifts are the perfect thing to buy a new dad, as there are so many unique and quirky items available that are sure to bring a smile to his face. Whether it’s comical presents such as a personalised mug for their morning brew, a personalised apron to wear when changing the babies’ nappy or even a funny t-shirt stating that he’s actually new to this! You could also go down the sentimental route, with gifts that can be kept and cherished for many years. Fingerprint necklaces, cufflinks and bracelets are a beautiful gift to give dad something to keep on them at all times, giving them something that will make them feel like their little one is always with them. These gifts are really personal and will mean a lot to the lucky dad who receives them!

Daddy Survival Kit
Mummy may need a pamper kit to keep her relaxed and calm, but daddy may need a survival kit to help him with the first few weeks of baby life. Adapting to life with a newborn can be challenging, especially with the sleepless nights and having to make sure you’re thinking about everything you do and everywhere you’re going. Gifting a daddy survival kit, containing essential items like beer (for the odd night they get to relax), a nose peg for those smelly nappy changes, some ear defenders for those high pitch screams and even a get out of jail (or the nappy change) free card for them to use. This kit will not only be very useful for them to use but will also generate a lot of laughter upon receiving the gift.

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