Vauxhall Crossland X Feature

School run fun in the Vauxhall Crossland X…

Back to school really is a chaotic time and this year with the children splitting into two separate schools and lots of new and different start and end times it was especially so! Living in the city can make things just a little extra manic, to avoid this, once settled into our routines we usually walk the 15 minute or so school run to avoid the chaos on the roads.

However, when you’re meant to be at the gates of both schools at almost exactly the same time, someone forgets a PE kit just after you’ve got home and/or you remember you’re meant to be watching assembly; unless you’ve invented some kind of time warp (an invention I think is long overdue) a car is incredibly useful!

After my poor car died quite spectacularly on the M1 motorway; Vauxhall very kindly loaned us the Crossland X to help us get into the back to school groove! They suggest that this compact, crossover style car is just what us Mammas need to rock the run…!

Slight spoiler alert: I agreed!

Vauxhall crossland x

I slowly fell more and more in love with my Lava Red, tardis because just like Doctor Who’s time machine this car is tiny outside with a deceptive amount of space inside. The boot is huge and deep with 520 litres of space whilst the back seats fold (almost) flat with ease giving you even more room if you need. You can choose to fold just one two or both sides of the back seats giving you the flexibility to pack more whilst still carrying passengers in the back row.

The back row is full size with the extra height in this car making it perfect for carrying adults or older children passengers because they don’t feel cramped at all. For the child seats, the back row is fitted with ISOFIX as standard but whilst 3 children fit comfortably in the back, you can’t quite fit 3 car seats across.

Vauxhall Crossland back seats and boot

In the front of this car, you feel like you’re driving something so much bigger. Clever design has created a spacious feel here and a fantastic elevated driving position which really does help when navigating through busy streets.

There’s a wealth of additional options for this car to really help add to making your life easier too. The intellilink screen offers Apple iPlay so you can take calls and pick your messages up on the go with USB charger point conveniently placed below. Add GPS, parking sensors and a heads-up display and with OnStar WIFI connectivity and support, all the information you need is right at your fingertips.

Crossland Intellilink and appleplay

The Crossland X delivered Tilly to her first day of high-school where space was limited by all us parents eager to wave our children onto the next stage of their journey. Then onto last minute trips around the shops for uniform and out further for weekend fun at a theme park. From one to four children back to school and clubs it’s so versatile and ready to go…

And go it really does!!

The advert may make you think this is a cute little mum mobile but it also drives like a dream. It’s smooth and so responsive it feels almost effortless. I’m no expert in cars but this felt like it would navigate the twists and turns of country roads just as well as it did those of the urban landscape.

When it’s time to stop, where this car truly excels is parking – you could park this car on a tuppence!! With the addition of parking sensors and 180° rearview camera, you can get into spaces that aren’t much bigger than the car itself. Just be careful to check you’ve not blocked in your neighbours 😉


Vauxhall weren’t wrong when they said this was the perfect car for the school run – I wanted to move in. Whilst running errands the Carplay kept me in touch whilst the DAB kept me entertained. It was easy to drive and the GPS made places easy to find, once there whilst waiting for the children I could connect to the WIFI and work on my laptop. Once collected the children could connect to the WIFI on their iPods and watch films or play games to keep them entertained.  For a family of 4, the Crossland X felt to be the perfect size offering everything you need the only thing it isn’t yet is a time warp!