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It’s that wonderful time of year when parents are stressing about what to buy their children, frantically shopping and wondering what from the pile of toys might really keep them entertained into the new year.

We were recently invited along to Queens Ice Rink to meet and test BABY born Wonderland Fairy Rider doll with her super cute Interactive Wonderland Dragon. Dolls are certainly a bit of a minefield when it comes to Christmas shopping with there being so many different choices at different price points. With the children having had several dolls over the past 10+ years, I really can recommend the BABY born doll brand and others by Zapf Creations. When clearing the toy box, these are the ones that seem to stand the test of time and have been passed on from my older to younger daughter and still look as good as new.

baby born wonderland

BABY born Wonderland Fairy Rider Doll is beautifully eye-catching and will definitely impress a little girl with her beautiful shimmery gown, tiara and wings. She has nine interactive lifelike functions yet doesn’t need batteries! She cries, opens and closes her eyes, eats, drinks and wets and poos; luckily she only does these things on demand when you’re playing.

A doll like this is such a great investment because as I said before, she will last for several years – in fact, your child will probably grow out of dolls first! She comes with 11 accessories which include a potty, food, nappy, dummy, bowl & spoon and more. There are also so many more accessories you can add for future gifts which also make great suggestions for family members. These include clothing, bags, wash basin, prams, changing bags and so much more.

baby born contents

Notably to partner the Fairy Rider Doll is the Interactive Wonderland Dragon which I must say is a pretty wonderful toy in its own right! The dragon is incredibly cute to look at with soft fur and shimmering wings and detailing on the chest and toes. Her eyes and nostrils light up and on tapping her with the magic wand, she makes dragon sounds and walks along whilst flapping her wings.

The dragon is definitely one of my top picks for Christmas gifts this year being a super cute gift alone or a perfect addition to a little doll lovers collection.

baby born wonderland dragon

BABY born Wonderland Fairy Doll has an RRP of £52.99 and Interactive Wonderland Dragon £59.99 they’re recommended age 3 and over and available from all good toy stores.


Obviously, dolls aren’t just for girls, they offer a really valuable role-play experience and the Wonderland theme has added lovely magical inspiration to this. Cian came with me and Fifi to Queens Ice Skating Rink and left both eager to skate again and play alongside his sister with the toys. I feel the dragon theme further attracted him to play and it was lovely to hear them come up with wonderful imaginary stories and interact together through the dolls.

Baby born boy and girl