Live True Salons, London...

Live True Salons, London…

I often wonder if I’m a bit strange, whilst other women boast of going to the hairdressers as a treat, it hasn’t been something I look forward to. I don’t know what it is in particular that bothers me, I just don’t get this same sense of comfort or view it as a time to relax and feel a tad envious of those that do. Up until recently, this wasn’t an issue, my long hair maintained itself, requiring just a couple of quick trims annually.

Then recently that all changed, I think it’s age or maybe the stress of parenting four but my hair became dry and harder to manage. When I was invited to visit Live True’s Vauxhall salon the timing was perfect was well overdue a cut and needed some advice on maintaining my hairs condition. I went along, looking forward to taming the bird’s nest but with my usual sense of apprehension at goodness knows what exactly.

I like the Vauxhall location; just a couple of minutes from the station and right next to the river where I wandered for a bit before because my train had got me there in plenty of time. Live True also have salons at Battersea, Brixton, Clapham, Putney, Fulham and Hampstead. The Vauxhall Salon is bright and modern, decorated in an industrial style with exposed brickwork and cabling but plush fabrics, decorative chandeliers and gilt mirrors keep in comfortable.

live true vauxhall salon

I like this style which is possibly a part of what put me at ease in the place immediately. My stylist was Paula, during the consultation I gave her quite a free reign to do as she felt required and she suggested that a good trim with some layers and hair mask would soon restore the condition. I instantly liked her and felt at ease. She did the shampoo with a light head massage which was wonderful the chairs here are really comfortable and I felt like my head was in the perfect position for the wash which isn’t always the case.

Whilst Paula cut my hair, Edyta came to do my nails. A couple were a little broken and shorter than normal and she did such an amazing job at shaping and tidying them up. She presented me with an enormous selection of colours and I could only come up with the kind of colour I’d like so she brought over a few and painted them on so I could pick. This was such a lovely touch because colours look different on your own nails and against your skin tone and I ended up picking the one that I probably liked least from looking at the bottle.

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It was really ideal having both hair and nails done together. Not only does it feel incredibly indulgent but it’s also enjoyable to have the 3-way conversation. Edyta is an absolute perfectionist, which I thoroughly appreciate. She did 3 layers of the shellac colour on my nails because although invisible to myself and Paula, she felt 2 wasn’t giving full depth of colour. 3 weeks later and her manicure has held perfectly but my nails are now so grown out, it needs re-doing. I was going to go somewhere a little more local until my hair was due another trim but I’m really worried that there’s no chance of it living up to the job she did.

manicure live true

Paula’s hair cut and blow dry exceeded my expectations! I had been concerned about the condition but with her touch, it seemed entirely revitalised. Her blow dry was just perfect, she gave it volume and smoothed it without entirely straightening it – I like my curls left at the end. She suggested I use a mask weekly which I have been since I left and my hair is vastly improved.

live true hair

If you can’t tell already, I loved the entire Live True experience and this one visit will not be my last. I feel I have found a salon where I feel relaxed and comfortable and can go to treat myself to an extra special pampering once in a while.

On top of hair and nails, Live True Vauxhall offers an expansive menu of hair and beauty treatments. For more details of their services and up to date prices, visit Live True London Online.