My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle...

My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle…

My Little Pony the Movie released on the 20th October in perfect time for half-term but if you have a little one and haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, it’ll make a perfect treat for a cold winter’s afternoon viewing. The film will not disappoint My Little Pony Fans at all. Princess Twilight Sparkle is excited to be hosting the friendship festival in Equestria and is nervous to get it all right and put on the perfect event for all. When the party is crashed by evil forces with Tempest the evil unicorn at their helm, the pony friends must work together to save their town.

my little pony movie

The film is full of fun and adventure with a positive message running through and was very much enjoyed by my younger daughter as well as having enough excitement for my 7-year-old son too. Of course to go with the film is a huge set of My Little Pony Toys. These range from the standard pony character dolls, to castle play sets and swimming seaponies with the real star being the large interactive Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle Doll.

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Being an 80’s baby myself and once a bit of a pony fan myself, I’m very tempted to buy all the ponies but with this large interactive Twilight Sparkle costing around £100, I bet many mothers are wondering if she’s really worth it this Xmas…

I think the number 1 consideration is how much your child wants this toy and how much they tend to play with this sort of doll. This price point puts this toy into my main gift category which really means it has to be the most wished for item. Some of my 4 actually sit down and interact and play with their toys whilst others take one look and then go back to making things or hurtling around the garden – I wouldn’t think she was worth it for the latter!


The former however will be delighted by her; she is quite a large toy, standing at around 25cm to the shoulder. Covered in with soft sparkly material with holographic wings bright yellow hooves and pink and purple mane and tail she is attractive and eye-catching. She interacts to sounds, a touch to her cheek, horn or by pressing the star button on her hoof. During play, she says over 90 phrases, tells stories, sings songs and recites magic spells. The 4 modes of play are controlled by pressing the star on her hoof a number of times. Whilst she talks and sings, her head/neck and leg move, wings flap and eyes flutter.

Twilight Horn

As an adult, I was a bit disappointed she didn’t walk for the price and found the mechanical noises whilst she moves and clicking of her eyes annoying. Even with 90 phrases, I also found she was starting to sound repetitive. I also found that although she’s posable so can sit or stand by you, she’s not soft and cuddly so not quite interactive in the same way as you would a soft toy. I do love that she works with just batteries and doesn’t need an app or anything like some toys because, for this age range of my children, they don’t have free access to a smart device

Twilight Hoof

My 5-year-old daughter, however, didn’t seem disappointed by a thing! She absolutely adores playing with her and has carried her around (just like a soft toy) since she arrived. She loves singing along with her and is incredibly impressed by the way her horn lights up when she holds her hand around it or the way she talks when she hears her.

I often have to remind myself that these toys are about them and meeting their expectations and not mine. The delight Princess Twilight Sparkle has brought my daughter is well worth the price tag and if she’s top of your child’s Xmas gift list then I doubt she’ll disappoint at all.

~ I was sent this toy to review as a member of the Hasbro toy tribe ~