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Behind the scenes with Bakers… #Ad

I don’t think I’ve formally introduced the newest member of the Family Four Fun household although he’s made regular appearances on our Instagram stories. Rigby is a Cockapoo, we picked him up last October, he’s the first dog we’ve owned and at just 6 months Rigby just attended his first blog event.

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Last week, Rigby and I were invited to go behind the scenes with Bakers and learn a little bit about dog health and nutrition from Purina’s vets. As a first-time dog owner this seemed the perfect opportunity to learn some useful facts from the experts.


Bakers is the No 1 complete dry dog food in the UK and is made by Purina. This means it’s backed by their nutritional expertise & scientific testing with over 500 nutrition and pet care experts globally.

To say Rigby was excited to meet the team is a slight understatement, other dogs are his favourite thing and a room full of friendly dogs and adoring humans might just have been the most exciting thing he’s ever experienced. Luckily there were lots of doggy toys and Sabina of Mummy Matters dog, Bramble to keep him entertained whilst we sat down with a vet nurse from Purina’s team to learn how to look for simple signs of ill health in our dogs.

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The main and straightforward part is just looking at their overall appearance, brightness of eyes and glossiness of coat. We got to look at a fascinating chart of dog faeces to assess what a healthy poop should look like. As conscientious dog walkers, we get more chances to assess our own dog’s than we might like and a healthy poop should be quite solid and easy to pick up without leaving a trace on the pavement – just how we’d like it to be. External factors like stress can upset our dog’s stomach but if their faeces is consistently loose we should begin to look at their diet for answers.

Just like ours, a diet with the right amount of fibre can help maintain bowel function. A complete dry food like Bakers contains grains and cereals that are not only a great source of fibre but also contain good microflora which can help to keep the gut healthy.


The other important factor in our dog’s health is their weight. Studies have proven that dogs at the ideal weight have less health issues and live longer. Studying a chart, we all agreed when looking at the shape an ideal dog should be (with lean belly and ribs not being over apparent but easy to feel), this shape might have us thinking our dog was underweight. I know my vet has a similar chart in their practice so it’s well worth checking your dog’s weight against a similar chart or mentioning this to the vet at your dog’s next check-up.

To maintain them at a healthy weight be careful to ensure you’re not just feeding a complete healthy diet but also that you’re feeding the right amount. Your dog food should have a feeding guide and we learned that it’s a good idea to weigh your food out daily. We all added the same amount to a line on a cup that represented 35g and yet our portions varied from 32-46g. Overfeeding your dog by just a couple of grams each day could easily lead to weight gain in the long run.


Bakers provide a complete pet food for a good value price. ‘Complete’ means that they’ve done all the work for you to ensure that it’s balanced to meet your dog’s nutritional needs. This balance is made up of cereals and grains which offer protein and fibre. A variety of protein from different sources is important because one alone will not meet a dog’s requirements for amino acids. This means in addition to the cereals, things like egg, milk, beans and of course fish and meat. You can learn more about the ingredients and their nutritional value at

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Every ingredient in Bakers food goes through rigorous testing for quality and to ensure there are no contaminants. It is checked throughout the production process which all takes place in the UK. Extra vitamins and nutrients that may be removed during the production process are added but all colours and additives are entirely natural and serve a purpose.

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The Bakers website also includes lots of fun tips and tricks to try with your dog. Rigby and the other dogs were treated to a meeting with the star of Baker’s adverts, ‘Pippin’ who, with the help of Sandra, showed them how to begin learning the tricks needed to be a celebrity dog. Rigby soon had the ‘touch’ command mastered but was a little less convinced at being asked to touch his nemesis – a skateboard! Still he’s already a star in our eyes with plenty of time to practice so just watch this space for Rigby the skateboarding dog!

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~ This post is a paid for collaboration with Bakers ~