My Little Pony Movie at Build-a-Bear Workshop...

My Little Pony Movie at Build-a-Bear Workshop…

The Build-a-Bear workshop is such a lovely store to visit with children when you’re looking to get a special treat. Great for birthday gifts or spending a little birthday money on accessories; you could go and pick something out or grab a gift card but the in-store experience is second to none with children bringing their chosen bear to life it’s best to take them along!

Recently arrived in store to complement its release is My Little Pony: The Movie so I took a few little girls for a pony party to see what they thought…

The lovely Monica showed them the available ponies which include stars of the film; Tempest Shadow, Songbird Serenade and Twilight Sparkle. The girls spoke with Monica about the ponies and their favourites and they picked out 2, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

Build-a-Bear Ponies

Then to the exciting part, they all helped Monica to fill the ponies, charge up their hearts and pick out the perfect accessories. They have capes to turn them into sea ponies, gala costumes, tempest’s armour and a jacket for Songbird Serenade which Fifi decided was perfect for Fluttershy.

Perfectly bedazzled in costumes and bows they created birth certificates for their ponies and packed them into boxes ready to come home. Now they can’t wait to sit and watch the film with their new furry friends.

Build-a-Bear Ponies

The film will not disappoint My Little Pony Fans at all. Princess Twilight Sparkle is excited to be hosting the friendship festival in Equestria and is nervous to get it all right and put on the perfect event for all. When the party is crashed by evil forces with Tempest the evil unicorn at their helm, the pony friends must work together to save their town. The film is full of fun and adventure with a positive message running through and was very much enjoyed by my younger daughter as well as having enough excitement for my 7-year-old son too.

1 copy

My Little Pony: The Movie is available to own on Blu-ray Triple Play, DVD & Digital Download on February 12th 2018. The ponies are available at Build-a-Bear Workshop now priced from £21.50 for toys and from £10 for accessories.

Build-a-Bear Ponies