Queens Ice Dancing

Dancing on Ice at Queens Ice Rink, London…

Recently, we were invited to try out adult’s ice-skating lessons at Queens Skate & Bowl and rarely having the chance, we decided to make a date night of them. It’s quite a nostalgic setting for us to go on a date, having grown up in the area we spent many weekends as teenagers skating at Queens.

Located in Queensway, West London, Queens is the only indoor ice-skating rink in the capital that’s open year round. It’s also the oldest ice skating rink in the United Kingdom so is firmly a part of British ice-skating history. Over the past year or so the venue has undergone a stunning facelift and has transformed into an uber cool place for fun and games in London.

On top of the ice-rink, there’s a bar, diner, bowling alley and arcade with retro games machines.

Queens Bowling Alley

Image Courtesy: queens.london

It’s a really cool place to hang out and whilst it’s a great place for the children to play in the day, in the evenings Queens want to transform into a playground for the over 18s. This includes activities like Go-Karting on Ice, Curling and now Ice Dancing..!

Ice dancing is an intensive adult only course that promises in 12 weeks to take you from any level to the ability to perform a number of moves and put them together into a short ice dance routine. Loving to watch ice-skating on TV and wishing I’d had the chance to learn as a child, I literally jumped at this chance and that is exactly what they’re catering for…

Get up from behind the TV and out and enjoy your own Dancing on Ice experience!

queens ice rink

Image Courtesy: queens.london

The programme is the brainchild of Robert Burgerman who has over 31 years ice-skating experience. Having been a professional on BBC’s Strictly Ice Dancing and a lead coach on ITV’s Dancing on Ice this course offers a really authentic experience and insight into the process celebrities on the show go through.

Alongside Rob, the professional coaches on the course have extensive ice-dancing experience and a variety of personal achievements and skills. They include Melody Le Moal who was Lemar’s professional ice-dancer on the most recent series of Dancing on Ice. Melody is not just an ice-dancer but a show woman who performs ice stunts on stilts and motorbikes!

Melody is now part of the coaching team at Queens, offering private lessons to those interested.

I’ve never taken lessons as an adult and worried that this could feel awkward or intimidating but they couldn’t be further from that. The atmosphere is really relaxed and laid back, everyone is progressing at their own pace and there’s lots of giggles. Some people are there with friends, or as couples but lots are on their own. There’s a large range of ages and I feel if you were lonely in London this would be a great way to socialise.

The lessons are split into two groups, beginners and then an intermediate area which split down further into smaller groups to perfect skills. Monday will be our third week and although we’re still in the ‘beginners’ section we’re already confidently able to move around the ice, learning to skate backwards, crossover, balance on one leg and more.

Queens Dancing on ice

We’ve totally caught the bug and as well as having caught up with watching all the final episodes of Dancing on Ice, we’re both also eager to try and get in to practice between sessions. Obviously, the children are incredibly jealous and want to try out ice-skating too now so as well as updating you on our experience towards the end of the lessons; I’ll also be letting you know what Queens has to offer for families. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram for updates.

The Ice Dancing lessons take place on Monday nights from 7pm-8pm and cost £16 per person. This price includes skate hire, gloves, a certificate of completion and you can skate any time before or after the lesson.

Lots more information on courses, events and activities taking place at Queens can be found on their website.