It’s nearly Mother’s Day…

I’m meant to be writing a Mother’s Day gift list; rather last minute, I know, but that’s how I do everything these days!

I wanted to give you a nice idea for a simple basket of goodies (possibly delivered with the breakfast in bed) for her to pamper herself with throughout the day.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; her favourite magazine to flick through or a book she’s been meaning to read. A couple of chocolates to pick at whilst she does so. A face mask, a nice bath oil for that bath you’re going to let her relax in with a glass of bubbly.

Present them all beautifully with a sparkly new makeup bag like this beautiful glitter champagne one from Mi-Pac to make her feel far more organised each morning when she looks at it.

Make Up Bag Glitter Champagne

That was what I was going to suggest but it being my youngest’s birthday, we had a very early start full of excitement. She dove into her presents with glee spreading wrapping paper and packaging all over the house. With such an eventful start, we were late for school…

The dog then got filthy on his walk and shook himself dry splattering mud all over the walls which now need to be wiped before I can do anything else and that list is never-ending. On top of the normal housework and piles of washing, I need to find treats for the birthday girl to dish out to her friends because it’s the done thing. Haribo will no longer suffice with intolerance, allergies and a general dislike of sugar and I’m relieved I didn’t opt for mini-eggs since they’ve been marked as a choking hazard.

I also need to get crushed ice for her new slushie maker, collect parcels from the post office, book the fog into the vets, wrap presents for all the parties the children are attending this weekend and try to get Cian to a hairdresser after a well-meaning relative tried to ‘fix’ his fringe!

All this and I still haven’t had coffee yet! So I hope you’ll excuse me for not really writing the gift list and instead just suggesting that if this sounds like your day or week then treat yourself to Olverum.


It’s a bath oil I was sent for the gift list and to be honest I never thought I’d have much more to say about it than that but this stuff is everything! The scent immediately transports you to a spa; lavender, Siberian Fir, Eucalyptus and rosemary. It’s instantly relaxing and I think the Eucalyptus in particular has been great for easing the cold symptoms I’ve been suffering since before Xmas.

What I really love is the oil isn’t too thick, so whilst it leaves your skin feeling moisturised and super smooth it is absorbed as soon as you’re dry and doesn’t leave you feeling oily.

They say this oil restores the original you, helps ease stress and relax tension in both mind and body bringing you back to your complete self and I agree wholeheartedly! I think it’s an ideal gift for Mother’s Day if you’re still searching. It’s available online, costs £29 for 125ml or 25 baths, £53 for 250ml or 50 baths or they do a travel set of 3 mini bottles for £19 and comes with free UK delivery and gift wrapping. Please bring me more and stick a whiskey in my slushie, thanks!